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loyalty dept

This is ridiculous. I started to chat three times, each times it is going to Fido. only one time I was connected to rogers but i did not get help, i was told that i should chat to loyalty dept. after holding, then someone comes from Fido. What a wast...

meta5336 by I've been around
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Device Reservation Iphone 15 Pro Timing

My 2 year Upfront Edge Term ends on Nov 8 2023 for my old Iphone 13 Pro.How soon can I preorder the new Iphone 15 Pro through Device Reservation (for in store pickup and to return the old phone at the same store at the same time) without penalties?If...

Win back team Scam

Got a call from a win back team and they gave me a good offer, “almost too good to be true”.The sent over the wrong color and memory of the iphone, called multiple times and the agents left multiple messages for the winback team. No luck. Eventually ...

Moe56 by I've been around
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UpFront Edge return issue-total Scam

First of all I got scammed by rogers agent store at Point Claire that offering me the cheapest plan using my loyalty points, he told me that I can upgrade with new Samsung phone and free accessories that I don't want it for sure ( phone case, charger...

Upfront Edge return kit not sent.

Hi, I purchased a new phone last month through the online rogers store and received my new Samsung s23 around August 16. My old phone was purchased with upfront edge financing, like with the new phone. But, I never received the return kit for the old...

Resolved! Rogers Upfront Edge Return Question

Hello. I am currently a month away from the end of my upfront edge device (s20+). I have an offer on the my rogers app to do an upgrade now and they will waive the remaining $73~ left on my upfront edge amount. It says that in order for them to go ah...

Keith22 by I've been around
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Horrible customer service

Rogers must be hiring anyone for customer service whether they have experience or not and just telling them to sell stuff.  When I call in with a very specific and I think simple request and they try to help me with everything except my original requ...

Mobile Equipment Upgrades

I requested an equipment upgrade to an iPhone 14 pro max on August 4,2023. 8 days later,the order was cancelled by Rogers on the grounds that I didn’t not pickup within that timeframe.(no prior notifications as to when the order was ready). I placed ...

bill1961 by I've been here awhile
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Resolved! Upfront Edge amount

I want to get a new phone. My current phone has 7 months remaining. My remaining financing balance is $529.38 and my Upfront Edge amount is $683.00. Do I have to pay the Upfront Edge amount or just the $529.38. I want to return the device. I'm gettin...

Screenshot 2023-08-08 001924.png

Resolved! Express pickup

I ordered a phone for express pick up. I got the confirmation email with the order number. I have heard nothing since receiving the email and I tried calling the location for pickup but there was no answer.     ***Edited Labels***

Mrtimms74 by I've been around
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Resolved! Activation fee

Why do we need to keep paying activation every time we renew our contracts with Rogers. I’ve been a loyal customer for 20 years and they keep charging this bogus fee.       ***Added Labels***

Tucker00 by I've been around
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Resolved! Upfront Edge Return issues

Do not end/return/upgrade your Upfront Edge plan on the website. I did. Got the new phone but have received the run around and horrible solution options to return the phone.I’ve spent hours on the phone, going to a store, hours on the phone again, on...

Astriaren by I've been here awhile
  • 13 replies

Resolved! Returning phone on contract end for new one

What is the process for returning phone in contract end in exchange for new phone/contract? Specifically.. I assume they let you keep both phones to do transfer of data etc..     **Labels Added**

jimy by I plan to stick around
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Upgrading Phone

Hy,I got a call from sales and promotion team to upgrade the phone and plan. But i had already purchase the iphone 14 for 2 year contract and they send me the order confirmation. so, i don't understand are they giving me another phone with new plan t...

Billing Error

I purchased a device and change over to Roger on March 31th under a Roger Preferred program. They committed me a total bill of 79.8 plus taxes. Now I get my first bill of$260. Like more than three times.They wasted my three hours, while I was having ...

Financing a refurbished phone

Just curious why there is no option to finance my own device at the end of my Upfront Edge term?It looks like I can return my own device and then finance the same model of a refurbished device for $15/month. So why do I have to pay so much all at onc...

Jmcg1 by I've been around
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