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iPhone 13 return

I upgraded my iPhone 13 to a iPhone 15 pro.When I returned the iPhone 13 I forgot to do a factory reset. A few days later I received an email telling me to provide my phone unlock code or my Apple ID. I replyed with both. Now 2 months later I receive...

Heavy by I've been around
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Resolved! Escalating an issue with Office of the President

Trying to upgrade iPhone & plan for well over 2 months. Escalated issue twice to Office of the President since Feb. 1/24. Rogers agents promised someone will call back in 3-5 days. It's already been two weeks and still no calls from Rogers. How long ...

blook by I've been here awhile
  • 9 replies

Resolved! Upfront Edge Return issues

Do not end/return/upgrade your Upfront Edge plan on the website. I did. Got the new phone but have received the run around and horrible solution options to return the phone.I’ve spent hours on the phone, going to a store, hours on the phone again, on...

Astriaren by I've been here awhile
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New Phone

Want to see if I can get a new phone       ***Edited Labels***

Heidi712 by I've been around
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Unable to upgrade device

I ordered a new iPhone on March 12 (in-store pick up), but later I contacted a associate through chat and asked them to change the status to home delivery but keeping the plan that I ordered before. After few days, my phone plan had been upgraded, bu...

Cannot upgrade two phones on one account online.

We are trying to upgrade the two phones on our account.  We spoke to customer service today and, in order to have the $60 connection fee waived, it was recommended we upgrade online.  We mentioned that we were having difficulty doing this ourselves. ...

md1970 by I've been around
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Horrible customer service

Rogers must be hiring anyone for customer service whether they have experience or not and just telling them to sell stuff.  When I call in with a very specific and I think simple request and they try to help me with everything except my original requ...

wendyraven by I've been around
  • 12 replies

Return Kit

I recently upgraded my phone, picked it up in store. When will I receive my return kit by the mail ?       ***Edited Labels***

PPPow by I've been around
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Rogers blacklisted my brand new iPhone

I recently upgraded my phone to iPhone 15 plus through the Rogers upfront edge program. I have been using said new phone for over a month with no issues. I was travelling 2 days ago when I lost service. Stopped at a random McDonald’s on the side of t...

I don’t get any email after my order confirmation

I purchased the device on Dec 20 and got an email confirmation right after but till now I don’t see anything else. When I purchased on web it said the device is standard ship 2-5 days as its available in stock. What can I do now ?My previous order ta...

Haiquangdu by I've been here awhile
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Resolved! Express pickup

I ordered a phone for express pick up. I got the confirmation email with the order number. I have heard nothing since receiving the email and I tried calling the location for pickup but there was no answer.     ***Edited Labels***

Mrtimms74 by I've been around
  • 2 replies

Brand new phone bought at Rogers store BLACKLISTED

I do not understand how a brand new phone I purchased from the Rogers store ends up blacklisted and I’m told they need to “investigate”.  I bought it 2 weeks ago.  Just two weeks ago brand new… I went back to the store with my receipt in hand and the...

crossb75 by I've been here awhile
  • 4 replies

Why do Rogers stores exist???

I have been with Rogers for over 25 years and have never been treated as poorly as today? What do your stores exist for??? I ring the doorbell to get in and some young woman tells me to call customer to pay off my phone/device. I said that I would li...

Enrollment fee / setup fee and price increase

Got an brand new google pixel 8 through red wireless. Purchased through their red wireless website. Charged with 50$ enrollment fee which couldnt see while processing! And offer said you will be charged with setup fee that will ve waived in 1/2nd bil...

Jobanwalia by I've been here awhile
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Resolved! Upfront Edge amount

I want to get a new phone. My current phone has 7 months remaining. My remaining financing balance is $529.38 and my Upfront Edge amount is $683.00. Do I have to pay the Upfront Edge amount or just the $529.38. I want to return the device. I'm gettin...

Screenshot 2023-08-08 001924.png

Customer Service

Super Frustrated with Reps on Phone: I've tried every way to call someone at Rogers. There are huge language barriers. Things as simple as understanding the difference between the word 'device' and 'plan'.    I've been with Rogers for 20 years, my ph...

Unable to Upgrade to a S24 Ultra on a RPP Account

I've called so many times to get it sorted as I wanted to take advantage of the pre order offers for s24 ultra. I'm on a rpp account just recently signed up for the program. Before signing up it was allowing me to renew my contract for the s24 ultra ...