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Upfront Edge Return Issues

Hi,I opted to upgrade my device a few days before my 2-Year contract was set to expire. I selected the return my old phone option while going through the upgrade process.I have received my new phone but I have yet to receive any return kit for my old...

pstefan98 by I've been here awhile
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Device Reservation Iphone 15 Pro Timing

My 2 year Upfront Edge Term ends on Nov 8 2023 for my old Iphone 13 Pro.How soon can I preorder the new Iphone 15 Pro through Device Reservation (for in store pickup and to return the old phone at the same store at the same time) without penalties?If...

Resolved! Likewize

Facing issue from past 1 month no one is helping. I have 3 business accounts bought 2 phones on 1 of the accounts and lost 1 handset. Was paying for likewize insurance everyone and now they are not giving me the replacement phone     ***Added Labels*...

UpFront Edge return issue-total Scam

First of all I got scammed by rogers agent store at Point Claire that offering me the cheapest plan using my loyalty points, he told me that I can upgrade with new Samsung phone and free accessories that I don't want it for sure ( phone case, charger...

Upfront Edge return kit not sent.

Hi, I purchased a new phone last month through the online rogers store and received my new Samsung s23 around August 16. My old phone was purchased with upfront edge financing, like with the new phone. But, I never received the return kit for the old...

Resolved! Rogers Upfront Edge Return Question

Hello. I am currently a month away from the end of my upfront edge device (s20+). I have an offer on the my rogers app to do an upgrade now and they will waive the remaining $73~ left on my upfront edge amount. It says that in order for them to go ah...

Keith22 by I've been around
  • 14 replies

Resolved! Upfront Edge - Returning Device, do you need the box?

Hello,   My term is coming to an end and I am wondering if you need to have the box + contents in oder to return your device? I found some older posts but wanted to see what current requirements are. Thanks!    **Labels Added**

Dan45 by I've been here awhile
  • 5 replies

Insurance claim

Feels like legal fraudI broke the back glass of my phone 12pro a month ago and i have the premium device protection plan so I went to rogers store they sent me to apple service centre and the guy told me my phone is not covered with apple care.So I c...

Resolved! Upfront Edge amount

I want to get a new phone. My current phone has 7 months remaining. My remaining financing balance is $529.38 and my Upfront Edge amount is $683.00. Do I have to pay the Upfront Edge amount or just the $529.38. I want to return the device. I'm gettin...

Screenshot 2023-08-08 001924.png

In-Store Experience

Hello there, We came to Canada 2.5 months ago. Our English is poor; it's like none.I went to Rogers, located at the Pacific Center in Vancouver City Center, to ask for phone prices. I met with Brenden.   I wanted to see the google pixel 7 Pro. I'm no...

Resolved! Upfront Edge--total scam

My 2 year term with Rogers is up April 11. 11 days ago, I contacted Rogers to say I wanted to cancel my term after it was up. I was asked if I was keeping my device. I said I was keeping one and returning the other. I wanted to keep my phone numbers ...

Majimart by I've been here awhile
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Device upgrade timing for Upfront Edge

I'm in Upfront Edge Program with monthly device credits which is coming to an end in July. The terms tell me I should return my phone by July 06, 2023 to avoid repayment of Upfront Edge Amount. My question is,If I upgrade my device now (to Pixel 7), ...

YSKarl by I've been here awhile
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Upfront Edge Return issues

Do not end/return/upgrade your Upfront Edge plan on the website. I did. Got the new phone but have received the run around and horrible solution options to return the phone.I’ve spent hours on the phone, going to a store, hours on the phone again, on...

Astriaren by I've been here awhile
  • 13 replies

Bad experience

I want to share what i went through after being a loyal customer to rogers even after all the network intruptions.On 31st march i contacted customer support live chat agent for my device upgrade in Ontario. The agent offered me samsung galaxy s23 256...

Upfront Edge Device Return

A couple weeks ago go online and do a hardware upgrade. Elect to keep one phone and return the other.  Called in today to find out how am I am suppose to return the one phone as haven't received any kit to this. Because Rogers systems are so good the...

JB091 by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Upgrading phone early on Upfront Edge

I wanted to take advantage of pricing right now and upgrade my current phone 4 months earlier than the end of my 2 year Upfront Edge financing. I have $200 left to finish and I believe I can upgrade now if I pay the balance of that financing and just...

Wetrider by I've been around
  • 3 replies

Upfront Edge Issues

Hi there. A bit confused about this program. I’m nearing the end of my upfront edge contract and was planning to upgrade. A week or two ago I tried to do it online and couldn’t get it to work once I chose a phone. Contacted the chat and was told to u...

Britt8316 by I've been around
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