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2-Year Contract, Moving to a Non-serviceable Area

HI guys, I am moving to a place where there is no service from Rogers but my contract is 2 years and just started 50 days ago what to do will they cancel the connection and charge the fee? but how is it my fault i am ok to keep the connection but the...

High Pressure Sales at the Door

The Rogers sales guy didn't use the Google door bell. He knocked because I would not have answered the door. I thought it was a neighbour. He launched into a a well rehearsed sales pitch and I had declined numerous times. I told him it was the end of...

finescale by I've been around
  • 4 replies

Getting charged for a “free” tablet

I’ve been getting charged for a “free” tablet I received from Rogers when I signed my last 2yr old contract. For the 1st 2 years there were no charges, then after 2 years they added a $10 monthly charge for tablet financing. What amazes me is they ca...

Over charged!

Internet service, Contract price 64.99 monthly, however, charged 146.89, called twice and operator commit the issue and promise revise the bill within 48 hours, but, it has been 2 month, nothing changes. In side of the company process does not work a...

JingYang by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Cancellation Fee

I recently canceled my internet due to moving to an area not serviced by Rogers.I was charged a cancellation fee.One-time charges and credits Apr 22 - May 25 $Cancelled: Ignite Internet 150-Unlimited 100.69Cancelled: Advanced Wi-Fi Modem Rental 11.32...

Client Support Specialist MIA

We had a Client Support Specialist come to our door on Dec. 8th.We were sold a package that has still not been provided in full based on agreements set.out on the day we signed up.Additionally, after the initial sale, the client support specialist ha...

Stoney41 by I've been here awhile
  • 4 replies

Terrible service, even worse customer service

After having issues consistently with connection and nighlty scheduled maintance that was never explained while signing uo I decided to cancel. I was chatting with 4 people for 4 hours. They were extremely rude and trying to charge 280$ for cancellat...

User1562 by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Finding out when my contract ends

Hoping someone with more experience can help me. I’m trying to find out when my contract with Rogers ends, but I can’t seem to find it. I’ve used the website portal as well as the app but they only show me my bill payments and what services I have wi...

Dire by I plan to stick around
  • 6 replies

Opt out of cancellation fee

I just switch from one internet plan to an internet and tv app plan on Feb 27, 2024. Was told it would be cheaper and 2 months crave free, sounded good. Not the case at all, has been a huge headache and very upsetting experience. Crave did not work a...

JSkinner by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Return Upfront Edge Device

Im within a month end of my contract and I am trying to return my device and rogers is refusing to let me return the device as I have changed providers. I dont want to keep the device and have abided by paying monthly to return it at the end.   **Lab...

breannep by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Internet canclation fee for unstable connection!

I had internet with Fido, but the connection was unstable. After a few calls, they were not able to fix the problem, so they switch my account to Rogers, and told me it would fix the problem.When the Rogers technician came for installation, we notice...

Rogers Double Billed Me

We joined Rogers Ignite TV and Internet on Sept 17. I logged into my account which shows my first (and only) bill. The total on the bill is what was agreed upon in the contract however my total account balance showing on MyRogers TV/Internet page is ...

ellejay18 by I've been here awhile
  • 9 replies

Ignite TV - Bulk Account Discount

Looking for a credit against Ignite since my condo has a bulk deal and TV is included in condo fees   I am wondering if anyone has been able to get Ignite and not pay twice for TV?   My condo has Rogers "popular" cable include in the fees.  I also ha...

kemstone by I've been here awhile
  • 8 replies

Resolved! Upfront Edge amount

I want to get a new phone. My current phone has 7 months remaining. My remaining financing balance is $529.38 and my Upfront Edge amount is $683.00. Do I have to pay the Upfront Edge amount or just the $529.38. I want to return the device. I'm gettin...

Screenshot 2023-08-08 001924.png

Resolved! Account Service Price Hike

Why is Rogers not bound by my two-agreement?After one year my price jumped exactly 10% from $90.40 to $99.44 for two iPhones mobile service.   ***ADDED LABELS***

olaf19 by I'm here a lot
  • 3 replies

Resolved! ignite tv/internet prices

a few weeks back i upgraded to the ignite tv/inernet with the 2yr locked in price now i see when i log in that there is a newer offer that is lower then what i am paying now and was wondering would i be able to have that lower offer or will that mess...

hiho by I'm a regular
  • 1 replies

Worst customer care experience

I have called Rogers customer care past 4 times for the renewal of the Smart Home Monitoring contract waiting for 90minutes 3 times they say not our department transferring to them and never do. 4th time they say system is down call tomorrow will do ...

Bharajes by I've been here awhile
  • 7 replies