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How to Update Settings for Video Streaming Quality

If your internet package includes unlimited usage, be sure to take advantage of the highest quality for your choice of video streaming services.     Netflix   For each Netflix account profile you can choose from Auto, Low, Medium or High...

Connecting 2.4 GHz Devices without Disabling Band Steering

Hello Community,   Many devices that are single band 2.4 GHz capable only, such as certain printers, home security, cameras, Internet of Things (IoT) devices will not connect to a network that is using band steering because of compatibility limitati...

2.4 wifi blog 1.PNG 2.4 wifi blog 2.PNG

Advanced Security in Ignite HomeConnect

How does Advanced Security help protect my data and devices? When enabled, Advanced Security in Ignite HomeConnect continuously monitors your home network to automatically block suspicious activity and inform you of potential security concerns...

Turn on Advanced Security Feature With Ignite HomeConnect

To help keep your data and devices protected around the clock, Advanced Security monitors your home WiFi network for online threats in real time and alerts you of any suspicious activity.   This feature is included with Ignite HomeConnectTM. Ther...

What Is the Private Address Setting on iOS?

With the release of iOS 14, Apple introduced a new WiFi network privacy setting called Private Address to protect users from third parties attempting to track their behaviour on their iOS devices. This feature may require Rogers customers current...

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