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Installation charges not mentioned by sales person

I'm here to explain about a unsatisfying & sad experience with Rogers internet! I recently got a Roger's internet connection for my home as my previous provider, Virgin, was pricier than what Rogers was offering me. On my first bill, I was shocked to...

Adarsh1 by I've been around
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Technical error

Hi,I'm new to Rogers, and I'm getting the following error when I select Manage under MyRogers -> Residential -> TV Technical Error! Sorry, there's a problem on our end. Thanks for your patience while we work to fix it. Please check back later. Also, ...

Smart Home Monitoring charged a setup fee of $555.95

I just got Rogers Professional Home Monitoring and am being charged $555.95 for set-up fees.    I have a screen grab of the installation costs advertised on the website.  Literally it says a $99 install fee and $59 for a smart lock installation fee. ...

Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 2.42.34 PM.png

Installation Charge For Moving

I’m not sure who should I reach out to get a resolve problem.I moved to a new house, and need to move my wifi too. Therefore I made a phone call to requested. The woman requested me to ordered an agent to come for help. Do I need to? She said I need ...

quynhnhg34 by I've been here awhile
  • 4 replies

Installation fee hassle

Recently switched to Rogers and was excited about the great deal and services offered. Was promised waved installation fee. My set up got pushed and I waited weeks before they finally got us hooked up. Got my first bill and it was double what I was p...

Neesie by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Very Happy customer

Koodos to Rogers ,a very happy new customer, from the sales agent Jimmy Baroi ,who was very genuine and attentive, in helping me get Rogers Rural Internet. Thank You Jimmy:) and I wish I got our installers name: He was very professional, patient and ...

roxjarvo by I've been around
  • 1 replies

New Install Advice

Looking for advice on how to set up a new Ignite system with 2 TVs, internet and phone. Currently have a Home Phone box near the electrical panel in the basement connected to the phone lines in the house using several land line phones plugged into ja...

Sailorman by I plan to stick around
  • 8 replies

Help with new home build

I am building a new house (old one was torn down). There are currently no cables coming into the house to support services. I have called many times, and no one can answer me on how or who to come and connect the cables from the telephone pole to my ...

Ignite Installation Issues

I have big issue of installation, and i called the customer service many times and it seems nobody take care of my case. i have kicked back and forth through different departments , only to know that my case has been filed and got an case number, one...

zjiiaoliu by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Bulk account problems

I moved into a condo that has an internet bulk service. I called to get my unit set up but the customer reps keep telling me they cannot find the account number. This is very frustrating because I know everyone in the building uses it and the formal ...

jeevyj by I've been around
  • 2 replies

Bulk account ZERO Customer care

I'm waiting for the Technician to show up for the appointment scheduled between 12-2 today to connect my service - it's 4 pm now.Customer service Mersida put me on hold for 1 1/2 hour - no resolution. And she was the 3rd person I spoke with. I'm on h...

BSPYYZ777 by I've been here awhile
  • 1 replies

Rogers REP threats and misleading information

Hey,   I would just like to say that I am so so disappointed with the way this big firm is working. I set up my internet and home phone and i was told i would be charged X amount of money. I said sure - the Tech Lied to me and never told me that ther...

Resolved! Ignite Migration & FTTH

Hello all, I'm currently a legacy cable tv, internet, homephone customer and my plan is up for renewal. Rogers finally (after 3 years) convinced me that their Ignite service is the way to go going forward. I keyed my address in their service search b...

gb1234 by I plan to stick around
  • 7 replies

What is the number for Ignite?

I was informed that I am now legacy customer by your legacy internet team and there is no more internet support for me. Somewhat concerning for someone working from home.    I phoned 18664464830 yesterday at 5 and left a message and have not heard ba...

Installation Charges

I have a technician coming to my apartment in a few days to install wifi.I was told my wifi is going to be 14.99 plus tax. They had then mentioned about a installation/set up fee but never mentioned how much that would be or if it was an upfront cost...

B1723 by I've been around
  • 3 replies

Reminded Why I Left Last Time ... Self Serve Installation

I'm starting to be reminded as to why I left Rogers as a Internet provider in 2021 ... the bill never reflects all the discussions you had with customer service reps. I decided to come back to Rogers after I was offered a deal from Bell but Rogers ca...

bugfan68 by I've been here awhile
  • 1 replies

Relocation to another city

Hey there,We're relocating to another city, can we just reinstall the internet modem or we need a Roger's technician to do that? And how to change our location for the bills ?Thanks

Ahmed2023 by I've been around
  • 1 replies