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Using Voice Guidance and Audio Description with Ignite TV

Ignite TV was designed with accessibility in mind, offering a variety of accessibility features to give all users a comfortable experience.   Voice Guidance Voice Guidance on Ignite TV allows customers with visual disabilities the freedom to indepen...

How to use Audio Description on Ignite TV

Also known as Described Video, this feature offers audio-narrated descriptions of key visual elements like facial expressions, costumes, on-screen text, and scenery changes that a blind or visually impaired viewer would otherwise miss.   Follow thes...

Ignite TV App FAQ

How many people can be streaming Ignite TV on my account at the same time? Here are the per account streaming limits through the Ignite TV app and ignitetv.rogers.com portal: In-home streams only - up to 5 at once.Out of home streams only - up to 2 ...

Ordering Pay Per View Events

Watch the biggest pay per view events: boxing, UFC, professional wrestling, soccer, and more. It’s easy to order on demand through your Ignite TV, here's how.    Follow these simple steps: Press the Rogers button on your Voice Remote. This will open...

Fix the Netflix app on Ignite TV

If the Netflix app on your Ignite TV suddenly stopped working, here are some ways to help resolve this problem. Reset Netflix Press the A button on your Ignite Voice Remote to open the Help menu. Under Troubleshooting, scroll to the right and select...

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