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Re: Not very comforting

I had that problem about a couple weeks ago.  After about 4 or 5 days it cleared up on it's own and has been fine since.

jays77 by I'm a trusted contributor
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Resolved! Re: Wireless Refund

Good evening @Prabh3 and welcome to the Community!   Please know we do not send out messages or ask you to click on links for returning any funds. Any refunds issued are back to the credit card on file or via cheque in mail.    I cannot stress enough...

Re: Intermittent screen freezes and audio dropout

@57 wrote: Here's the link to my post on the HS70 channel issues.  If you have the restart or OD option on CMT, that may resolve your problems. I do not have that channel: I'll expand on that in a different way:  If you happen to see an audio/video ...

-G- by Resident Expert
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Haunted Mansion on Disney+

Prepare to be spooked and entertained in equal measure as Disney+ resurrects the beloved classic with the new movie reboot of "Haunted Mansion." This enchanting tale promises to be a bewitching blend of nostalgia and fresh thrills, all conveniently a...

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Now Serving Customers in Preferred Languages

Canada is home to a diversity of people, cultures, and languages. As part of our commitment to embrace this diversity and provide an unparalleled customer experience for every Canadian, we are proud t...


Apple Unveils iPhone 15 Devices!

Hey Community,   Good news! The time has come to meet this year’s new set of Apple devices.   DEVICES WE'LL CARRY:  Device Pre-Order Date Launch Date iPhone 15 15-Sep-2023 22-Sep-2023 iPhone 15...


How to Report Damaged Equipment?

  Hello Community!   Notice an issue or damage to Rogers-owned equipment outside of your home? Equipment such as pedestal boxes and multi-dwelling unit panels can take a hit due to extreme weather, co...