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The Creator is now available On Demand

The Creator (2023) - 133 mins   As a future war between the human race and the artificial intelligence rages on, an ex-special forces agent must hunt down and kill the elusive architect of advanced AI whose mysterious weapon has the power to end all ...

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Oppenheimer is now available On Demand

Hey Community!   With a star studded cast and a look back in history, this film is surely to please your movie watching pallet! Cillian Murphy stars as J. Robert Oppenheimer, the American theoretical physicist who was credited with being the "fathe...


Re: Top 5 Survival Horror Games

Oops, I'm late to the party then  To be honest, I almost only liked RE 6 because it's co-op! Code Veronica definitely is pretty good, I got to admit.And yeah, I could look into making new threads haha!

Re: Top 5 Survival Horror Games

Thank you for joining the conversation! I haven’t played RE 5 or 6, but Code Veronica is my all-time favourite in the series.   Since it was the month of October, I was just trying to highlight some games that fit the theme associated with the month....

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Now Serving Customers in Preferred Languages

Canada is home to a diversity of people, cultures, and languages. As part of our commitment to embrace this diversity and provide an unparalleled customer experience for every Canadian, we are proud t...


Apple Unveils iPhone 15 Devices!

Hey Community,   Good news! The time has come to meet this year’s new set of Apple devices.   DEVICES WE'LL CARRY:  Device Pre-Order Date Launch Date iPhone 15 15-Sep-2023 22-Sep-2023 iPhone 15...