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How to track your order online

Placed a new order and wondering how you can track the status online? Chat with Anna, our Virtual Assistant to check on your order status, or follow the steps below to track a recent Rogers order.   Tracking your order online:   Sign in to track a m...

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Tips to Manage your Wireless Data Usage and Avoid Overages

Check what apps are driving your data usage Your mobile device has a built-in data usage counter that lets you see how much data specific apps use. From here you can see which apps are using the most data and take steps to reduce the amount of d...

How to Look up and Monitor your Internet Usage

How do I look up or monitor my current internet usage?   You can use MyRogers to view your current internet usage and see how much data you’ve used in relation to your monthly plan.   Not sure how to check your internet usage in MyRogers? Follo...

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Wireless Long-distance FAQs

What is a long-distance charge?   A long-distance charge is the premium charged on voice calls that travel over extended geographic distances.     When do I get charged long-distance?   Outgoing Calling:   If you dial a number that's...

Understanding Wireless Usage-based Charges

Learn about charges related to data usage, long-distance calling, and text messages (SMS).   What is a data overage charge?   If you’re on a wireless plan that doesn’t offer unlimited data and go over the data limit within your billing...

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