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How to make a call while Roaming

Dialing Instructions:   While in the U.S. Local Call: Dial area code and 7-digit phone number.Long Distance Call: Dial "1" plus area code and 7-digit phone number.Overseas Call: Dial "011" plus country code and city code and phone number.Acces...

Understanding How Roaming Works

Unsure of some information you’ve heard about roaming? Read on to get clarification on some popular roaming claims, and learn some helpful tips along the way!      "Data Roaming only prevents data usage from triggering roaming charges"   Even i...

Troubleshooting your Apple Watch

  I am having trouble activating cellular service on my Apple Watch. What to do? Sometimes our systems are down for maintenance and can affect the activation process. If you experience this, please try again later. If the problem persists, please co...

Change 9-1-1 Emergency Address for the Apple Watch

  You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete 9-1-1 Emergency Address and other information to Rogers, and are responsible for maintaining and updating the 9-1-1 Emergency Address associated with your device. If you do not update y...

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How to Unlink your Apple Watch from your iPhone

Follow these steps to unlink your Apple Watch from your iPhone:   Open the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to Cellular. Tap the "I" next to Rogers, then tap Manage Rogers Account.   Sign in with the MyRogers account that your Apple Watch is on...

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