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Upfront Edge Return Kit Not Received

I upgraded my phone online 1 week ago today. I received my phone on the 28th of January. When I received my phone I did not receive the return kit for my old phone. I have a 600 upfront edge amount already on billed to me. I need the return kit so I ...

Melsuth37 by I've Been Around
  • 7 replies

Upfront edge bill

Hello, I have currently have a upfront edge device that ended on Dec. 26th but I was not able to return it however I upgraded to a new phone thru online. My question is I have the $600 upfront edge amount on my bill would I still be charged for the o...

Upfront Edge Return Question

Hello. My current Upfront Edge Contract expires on Feb. 3rd. Decided to call and order the return kit. The return kit arrived and read the instructions. It says that I have a week to ship it before I get charged. Can I hold on to the return kit and s...

Upfront Edge return

Hello,I have returned my upfront edge device and I have return code and way bill number. I would like to know how can I see when will I get refund coz my account is already charged for upfront edge device fees. Please let me know.   *Added Labels*

Amitkumar by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 3 replies

Billed for a Device that was Returned

Received new phone. Sent back the old phone. Tranked the delivery. Confirmed the delivery. Forget about it. One month later I got a bill????? Anybody have the same problem? Where can I send my proof of delivery to? Thank you   **Labels Added**    

Returning an In-Store Purchase

On December 7th, I purchased an iPhone case as a Christmas present and it was the incorrect size. On December 29, when I went to the Rogers store where I purchased it, they were unable to exchange it as they do not carry the case needed for the size ...

Resolved! Upfront Edge - Returning Phone at the Term-end

Iphone XR Broken Screen: So recently my brother broke his screen, I still have 15 months to pay for it. After 15 months, can I still give it back even if its screen is broken? It's still 100% working though.   *Added Labels*

nisdl by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies