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Resolved! Reinstate Services Early While on Temporary Suspension

I was wondering how early of a notice do I need to give Rogers to reinstate my internet after a temporary hold? Originally n my back to service date was set as April 8, but I may need to reinstate it a few days earlier than that - just not sure the e...

Seininya by I'm Here A Lot
  • 1 replies

Rogers account canceled unexpectedly

I had recently called to ASK about moving procedures (not to schedule a move) and the representative I spoke to told me to call back closer to the move date. A few weeks a later, I receive my bill and it has an extra $80, so I called to ask why it wa...

lcousins by I've Been Around
  • 4 replies

No Service

I feel like I’ve been very patient but it’s now day 14 no service. Billing all paid the whole time. Waiting for back end to close all my tickets before they say it will work and apparently every time I call they open a new ticket but they won’t give ...

Resolved! Reactivate Service

how do i restart my account, i already settled the payment before they closed myaccount. *Labels Added*

Resolved! Cable & Internet Account Reactivation

I'm looking to reconnect cable and internet at a home that has previously disconnected but has your set up. Is this something you're able to do without coming to the home? ***Added Labels***