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Fix One Way Voice with your Home Phone Service

One Way Voice occurs when you and/or the other person you’re talking to can’t hear each other. It can also prevent you from hearing dial-tone, which sometimes gets confused for your phone service not working at all. Here’s a quick check you can do t...

Fix No Dial Tone on Your Ignite Home Phone Service

When you’re experiencing No Dial Tone, you won’t hear anything on your phone set when you pick it up and you can’t dial in or out. Here’s how to fix this. Please Note: If you’re experiencing No Dial Tone with your Rogers Home Phone Service that has ...

Easy Setup Guide - Ignite Home Phone

Follow these easy steps to set up your Ignite Home PhoneTM service. What's Included? Set up Your Ignite Home Phone Service and Activate Your Voicemail     Before you begin… Make sure you’ve already set up your Ignite Internet. Without it, you won’...

home phone install guide 1.png home phone install guide 2.png

Ignite Home Phone: How it works

What is Ignite Home Phone? Ignite Home Phone is a phone service that lets you stay connected using one convenient landline number for the whole family. It runs on our Ignite Internet™ service through the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem connection, over ou...

Rogers Home Phone Calling Feature Star Codes

The following is a list of all common Home Phone star codes.      Feature Enable Disable Change PIN Long Distance Alert *49 *49 n/a Long Distance Lock *95 *96 *55 then *95# Call Trace *57 n/a n/a Call Screen *60 *60 n/a Friends ...

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