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No more 12 month promos?

I was shocked to find out today that Rogers doesn't have 12 month promos like they advertise. My 12 month promo was to expire on April 30/22 and my Rogers bill came and my price had gone way up. I had already talked to Rogers and made arrangements fo...

Can my promo be extended due to a temporary suspension?

I am out of the country for 4months and not using the internet for that period. Can my account be frozen for that period and extend the current plan for 4 months? For example, I will be out of the country on April 05 and return on July 05 of 2022. an...

Resolved! Home Internet Overage Charges with No Usage Alerts

This is the second time it's happened to me so I wanted to throw it out here: My March bill contained an overage charge because I apparently went 22GB over my limit. Fine, I rarely go over my limit but it's possible I did in that timeframe, so I paid...

SPLB by I've Been Here Awhile
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Resolved! Pay Per Use Rates for U.S

can somebody tell me where I can find the 'pay per use' rates while traveling in the US? I'm a Michigan/Ontario truckdriver and I want to ditch my roam like home.... $10/day is getting rediculous! **Labels Added**

tremelman by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 3 replies

A free tablet which is not free and illegal charges

I am here to launch an official complaint , It is about Rogers sending me tablets which I did not ask for and after 2 years of me not using the tablets or the lines associated to them , Rogers start charging me for the data usage , Which I never used...

Would like to add authorized contact onto account

Hello, can a moderator please contact me to add my brother in law to my account to enable him to make changes and accept promotions for my account. He was definitely added to my account but somehow has disappeared from your records. I waited over an ...

Inflated monthly bill

My Bill last month, paid on Feb. 22/22 was for $169.49. Today I received a bill due on Mar. 23/22 for $224.94. Nothing on my account has changed. WHY HAS MY MONTHLY BILL INCREASED BY $55,45? ***Added Labels***

Home Phone Disconnected After Updating Plan…

My mother’s promotion was about to expire last month, so she called Rogers asking if someone could help her to keep her existing services at a comparable rate. After much back and forth, someone was able to assist and she was told that the only chang...

KSH4JMH by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 5 replies

Quote discrepancy

My bundle offer expired and when I called an agent I was given an amount. However when my bill arrived it was $20 in excess. Called Rogers back and another agent told me that it was not in the notes. How do I get access to the recording of my convers...

Katie2 by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Huge price increase on my bill

Today I received my bill. It went from 163 to 244 and won't lower it back down to the original. Am I going to need to go to Bell? **Labels Added**

Buck33 by I've Been Around
  • 4 replies


Hello, Rogers community. Today I got my bill with extra charges mentioned in it about roaming charge for 1 day only. I was out of Canada for about 5 days and I did not make any calls or used any data still I got charged for roaming. When I asked cust...

Monthly Bill Increase After Promo Expired.

My service discount expires on Jan 21 so on Jan 12 I called Rogers to negotiate my "new" deal for Bundled Services. Spoke to a guy named Ian who said my new deal would increase slightly due to a general price increase and some other changes. I agreed...

colreal by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 1 replies

No internet for 12 months

I have called few times for my mother-in-law phone number. The technical support acknowledge that it was a Rogers network internal issue and user has nothing to do with. Now, I am asking for credit back and they refuse to offer me that. I am very fru...

saffouri1 by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Hidden fees on Plan change on wireless.

I contacted Rogers today via live chat to change my plan etc. I asked the Rogers person why my bill hadn't changed in over 2 years as I was told my phone would be paid off then. They would not give any number, just said there are separate charges on ...

Mikej1 by I've Been Around
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