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Terrible Customer Loyalty

I've been around

When I joined Rogers 4 years ago me and my partner were set up on a business plan. We don’t have a business and this was incorrect. I, like many others, am now looking for ways to save money in all aspects of life. So I spoke to your team today to try and swap my plan from my current one to the deal you have currently on the 5G infinite essentials plan. As I am also a shaw home customer I could say I’m a valued customer to your company. After speaking to 8 different associates of yours I was abruptly told “thats only for new customer, you can’t have it”. I tried to explain that as a loyal customer I should be entitled to the same deal as a new one and was told that I was wrong. I suggested that if that was the case I would look into taking my business elsewhere. At which point I was “transferred” to the loyalty team only to sit on hold for 70 minutes before being disconnected. This quite frankly has been a waste of my time and I am furious to have been treated like this



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Re: Terrible Customer Loyalty


Hello, @ChrisLaird.


Thank you for posting your concern, and welcome to our Community!


I appreciate you being with us for four years; it can be disheartening when you feel your loyalty is not being recognized or valued. We want to turn your experience around.


It's disappointing that you could not speak with our loyalty team because of the long hold times. We are in the busiest time of the year, and depending on the day and time, the wait times to connect with the support can be longer.


We may not be able to apply the offers exclusively for new activations to your account. However, our existing users will have different offers tagged. I suggest connecting again with our loyalty department at 1 855 381-7834 to explore different options for lowering your bill.


Thank you for your patience and understanding!



Re: Terrible Customer Loyalty

I've been here awhile

I called customer service today to see if I could lower my high mobile rates to the rates now posted online and was told the same thing, that’s only for new customers or if you’re upgrading your device. Ridiculous to charge long standing loyal customers much higher rates than any new customers ! 

Re: Terrible Customer Loyalty

Tell me about it. I've also been flat-out lied  to from their so-called "loyalty / customer retention department" as well.

As always, loyalty department would tell customers to "With you being a longtime Rogers customer, please contact us before your contract / promotion expires and we'll gladly extend it for you."

But when the time comes, "loyalty department" would ALWAYS inform you that after viewing what offers are available on your account and even though you are a loyal Rogers customer, they absolutely WILL NOT honor their word and you will have to accept their offers if you wish to remain with the company.

Three individuals spoken to and all 3 kept towing the same company response. My advice is to save yourself the heart attack and sign up with Bell or anyone else for that matter. Your blood pressure will thank you in the long run.

Re: Terrible Customer Loyalty

That is NOT the number for the loyalty department. Instead it is the basic customer service number. Rogers used to be very good at customer service but in the last five to ten years they have fallen to a point of just plain rude or not well trained.
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