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Increase upload speed?

I'm currently 100mbps plan and i was satisfied with current download speed but when it comes to upload speed it was freaking me out. 10mbps not enough. I was doing twitch live streaming and uploading files on the cloud. It takes me a 2gb file in an h...

Dan013 by I've Been Around
  • 19 replies

Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

I'm using CGN2-ROGERS Hiltron modem that is bridged to a NETGEAR router model R6050 My Internet package is Hybrid Fibre 60 & TechXpert     My UPLOAD speed maintains its speed at 10-11mbps but my DOWNLOAD is changing from 1 to 70mbps and causing huge ...

Resolved! Internet plan names changed and not sure what mine is now

Okay so when I check my bill I see that my internet plan is High Speed Extreme Unlimited.  I wanted to check what my upload and download speeds are supposed to be.  But the names have all changed and are now called things like Rogers Ignite 100u or 2...

Resolved! External web site vs Internal Company Web site

https://bmo.taleo..... Applying on BMO website as an external candidate, I received a message which looked like a message for internal BMO staff. The job description read "This job description is in the process of being loaded into my hiring. Please ...

gmcommunity by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 8 replies

Resolved! Server Hosting and the AUP

Hey all. Been looking at the Acceptable Use Policy for consumer internet at Rogers, and noticed something odd- servers aren't allowed to be hosted, without limitation, on the residential lines. Could anybody elaborate on to what extent this is forced...

chicken7117 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 14 replies