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Any new Window's phone on the horizon?

Anyone know if Rogers will at any point be getting any new Flagship Windows Phone 8.1 devices? There has been nothing released by Rogers since the Lumia 1020. Neither has there been any news whether or not Rogers will be carrying the HTC One M8. Unsu...

Resolved! Lumia MMS APN settings

My unlocked lumia 1020 is amazing., and everything works like a dream, except for silly picture messages.for internet settings? apn: and everything else blank works like a dream   however...for mms apnThe following settings do work, and ...

Bratticus by I Plan to Stick Around
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Resolved! Lumia Unlock code

How is the procedure to request an unlock code via Rogers? I have a Lumia 635 prepaid (pay as you go), and I would like to unlock it. The websites I have tried to do so do not work. Thanks.      ***Edited Labels.***

Tds by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 10 replies

Resolved! Who pushes Windows 10 updates to eligible phones bought from the Microsoft Canada store?

Traditionally OS upgrades had to come via the carrier, Rogers Canada in our case.   I was under the impression, that Windows 10 Mobile was going to be pushed by Microsoft directly... but perhaps that's only for the new phones that come with Windows 1...

Mediaman by I'm a Reliable Contributor
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How much are you willing to spend on Windows 10 Flagship ?

There has been a price leak from Spain revealing that the Lumia 950 will be $738 USD and the 950XL will be $838 USD (If I remember the article correctly) Keep in mind these are completely speculative, and coming from a European model. But what if the...

Resolved! Nokia Lumia 930

It was announced during the keynote of Build 2014 (a developer conference) by Stephen Elop. No word about a release in Canada since they only mentionned "Europe, Asia and Latin America" during the keynote.   More details here :

matthieugd by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 112 replies

Would you buy a Lumia 930 from Amazon or Ebay

Hello,   Hoping for some advice.  Since Rogers is not selling the Lumia 930 and I intend to stay with them.   Would you buy from Amazon: v

vivekvp by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 11 replies

Resolved! Forced Data for pictures

I have a nokia lumia prepaid rogers phone. It's new. I bought a 100 credit to keep in the account to pay for my 20$/month free texting/picture/video messaging plus free local weekend calling.   Here's my problem. I can't receive or send pictures with...

Holliate by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 22 replies

Leaked Specifications of 2 new Windows Flagships

Finally some news on Microsoft Flagship devices. According to Microsoft has 2 flagships in the works with the following specs. Here is a quick breakdown of specs.   Codenamed "Talkman" Flagship 5.2 inch QHD display 6 core pro...

Resolved! Shouldn't the Nokia Lumina 830 be a Smart Picks phone?

I am looking at the promotion Rogers has right now, but this phone is only available with a Share Everything plan which is minimum $80 per month. With Telus and Bell it is one of their "lite" plan phones for $50 or $60 per month. Shouldn't this be a ...

**OS Upgrades**

Hey Community!   Check out the Rogers OS Upgrade page for all our device and OS schedules.        

Resolved! Nokia Lumia 635

This low end Lumia handset will be coming to both Rogers and Telus soonish. This is the LTE varfiant of the 630 thats already available in Europe. Pretty crappy for Canadian Carries once again.     ***Edited Labels.***

IainS by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 14 replies

Lack of Windows flagship is frustrating

As a Lumia 920 owner I've been quite frustrated over the lack of flagship devices available at Rogers for Windows phones.    I want to know a few things... Any insight is appreciated!   1- Why no Lumia 930, Lumia 1520, or HTC ONE M8? Is it because th...

Windows 8.1 for all Lumia devices ( Lumia 920 /1020 /1520) & others.

Hello everyone!   As of today, Microsoft Announced Windows 8.1. For starters, the lock screen is now fully customizable to your liking. You can set a background image you like. They also added a Action center typical toggles such as WiFI, Bluetooth, ...

Meowmix by I'm a Trusted Advisor
  • 94 replies

Unable to send MMS after Denim Upgrade

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I have an unlocked Lumia 930 and I just got the Denim upgrade installed over this past weekend. The upgrade has some nice features to it BUT since the upgrade I have lost the ability to send and...

hom3r by I've Been Around
  • 3 replies

Poor service when buying Nokia Lumia 520 phone on Rogers store.

I purchased a Nokia Lumia 520 phone from Rogers online store on Jan 28th.  The transaction went through but still no phone.  I phone Rogers a couple of times last week and was totally put off by the run around that I recieved.  After being passed fro...

dmac0118 by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Windows 8.1 Developer - issues with the update - Lumia 920

Hello!   So I attempted to get the Windows 8.1 developer updates on my phone. I became a developer, downloaded the app on my phone, did the first update with no problem and when my phone attempts to do the 2nd update I keep getting an error that tell...

Windows phones no longer available in my area

I live in Thunder Bay Ontario, where Rogers is partnered with and supplies phones for Tbaytel.   My wife is eligible to upgrade to a new device, so I went to get her a Lumia 1020. Checked with every outlet and no Windows phones are in stock or able t...

jptbay by I Plan to Stick Around
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