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Experiencing Issues when Gaming or Streaming? READ THIS!

Hi Community! We're working hard to make your gaming & streaming experience with Rogers the BEST it can be. The next step in our journey is to capture a few specifics from those of us who are experiencing any issues affecting your online gaming and s...


Resolved! Bridge Mode Setup Guide

Hey fellow forum users. If anyone is willing to help me with this, it would be appreciated. I am wanting to make a 'bridged mode setup guide', pretty much one thread, which goes "smc - how to""Cisco - how to""hitron - how to" And would also put in a ...

Gdkitty by Resident Expert
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Please Read Before Posting

This board is a place for community members to: Ask questions about how things work in the Community i.e. How do I delete my post? How do I edit my profile? How do I change my username? Etc. Provide suggestions to the Community Manager, Community Spe...

Welcome to the Community Lounge!

The Lounge is a place to kick back, relax and chat with your fellow community users. Wanna talk about the Blue Jays? Cool! How about music, movies, sports? Check! Essentially, the Lounge is a place for friendly and casual discussion that is considere...

Rogers’ Burial Process

Rogers’ Burial Process is initiated when a customer is experiencing degraded signal from their existing cable feed to their property. After exhausting all troubleshooting steps to correct or improve the signal, and only as a last resort, the field te...

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Navigatr Guide - How To

Navigatr Guide – How To’s This guide is designed to hopefully help walk people through how to manage some of the functions on the new Navigatr guide. Some of these things may be WORK AROUNDS on how to do specific things, until a better way is release...

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Gdkitty by Resident Expert
  • 4 replies

Easy Fixes to 5 of the Most Common TV Issues

Often times, many of life’s most common annoyances end up having the simplest of solutions, and all you needed was a simple push in the right direction. How do I reset my digital cable box? Start by unplugging the power cable, either from the power o...

RogersDarrell by Community Manager (Retired)
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4 Ways to Personalize Your Rogers TV Experience

Here are four ways Rogers Digital TV customers can make their TV-watching experience even more personalized. Set a default channel When you turn on your TV, you’ll notice that your digital box automatically defaults to channel 1. Try these simple ste...

Resolved! Please Specify Your Location When asking for Help

Hey folks. Because Rogers uses different hardware in different areas of the country, if you're asking for hardware help, please specify the province you live in and the type of hardware you're asking about. For example, in NB, the Nextbox 2 is from M...

Lurker by I'm a Senior Advisor
  • 4 replies

Archives: FAQs

Hey Community, The Archives board will house all of our past posts and threads that are now deemed out of date or no longer applicable. This board will remain locked and be only viewable. If you have any inquiries or concern about current products or...

Resolved! Unexpected Overages

ROGERS service is good all over Canada USABut they detected hidden over charge sToo muchI just changed my plansThey changed me 144 $ROGERS doing cheating with me ***Edited Labels***

Resolved! Canada US Plan

I just signed up for new Canada/US Plan and not sure whether to just click on data or do I click data roaming on as well?I travel alot in the US and the recent jump in price for roam like home from $65 per billing period to $105 per billing period is...

DonWie by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 3 replies

Resolved! No ROAM LIKE HOME for Cuba...?!?

Traveling to Cuba next week and just realized that ROAM LIKE HOME is not available in that country with Rogers for some reason! But guess what... Koodo and Telus offer on their EASY ROME service for 12$ a day. Bell Mobility also has a travel package ...

Maxliv by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 17 replies

Roam Like Home

Hello,I just got my bill and noticed a $12 charge for Roam Like Home. I talked to someone using online chat, he said I got charged because of a incoming call received while I was outside of Canada.Here is the problem: I never answered that call, and ...

faysuen by I've Been Around
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Lousy "travel plans" for corporate account holders.

I have no interest in changing my entire phone plan just so that I can enjoy the advantages of Roam Like Home.....for ONE WEEK. Has your marketing department not addressed the needs of their MILLIONS of corporate account holders any better than that?...

Bultaco by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Apple Watch 4 Roam Like Home

Does anyone know if I use the new apple watch series 4 in the US will LTE work if I have roam like home turned on? for example leaving my phone on at the hotel room and using the watch to receive calls and imessages while walking around the city? ***...

sas12345 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 3 replies

Cancel service while traveling abroad?

I am an abroad student and I am now already back home. I found that is not necessary to use this phone number and all of this service in my country, so how can I cancel all the services in the next 3 months? In addition, what can I do to keep this ph...

Should I switch to Rogers wireless?

Currently with Telus should I switch Rogers gave me a decent plan price if I switch. *** Edited Labels ***

a7x by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 4 replies

Roaming Charges

Hi I am currently in the US with a rogers canadian plan. Will I be charged for incoming and outgoing texts/calls. I have turned data roaming off and should I leave airplane mode on to prevent these incoming calls/texts or are they okay if I do not pi...

User2538 by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Roam Like Home Monthly Maximums - New CRTC Wireless Code

Hello, I am looking for some clarification on Roam Like Home charges. The Rogers website states that for the international, $10/day Roam Like Home, there is a max of $100/billing cycle: "You’re only charged for a max of 10 days per monthly bill and o...

Resolved! How do I activate roam like home before travelling?

I am leaving for Europe on Thursday and have RLH coverage. What do I need to do in advance to arrange this with Rogers? Will I automatically get a text when I land or do I arrange from Canada? ***Edited Labels***

Lpaddle by I've Been Around
  • 7 replies

Receiving calls in a foreign country

Hey everyone!Never brought my phone overseas before and I have a question. If I get a call or text from someone in the UK while I am in the UK how does that work? Any idea if I or them get charged for it? Obviously it is hard to know if they do but y...

RAwhite1987 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 2 replies

Travelling to Germany on yearly plan-travel packs?

I'm travelling to Europe for 3 weeks and am on the yearly 120$ rogers plan. I can't seem to find any travel packs for this plan. Do they exsist? Where do I find them? I will mainly use my phone for texting friends at home. Thank you! ***Added Labels*...

iLive by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Roam Like Home Legacy Plans

I did notice in MyRogers that I had been enrolled in this roam like home, and that it had been applied to my legacy plan. I called in for clarification, and the person on the other end had great difficulty understanding how the option applies to a le...

BS by I'm a Senior Advisor
  • 8 replies

Resolved! How to avoid surprise charges using smartphone overseas

First, I have Roam Like Home plan on my smartphone. Second, will be visiting a country that isn't covered by this plan. I hope to get by with relying on wifi. So my question is, what do I need to turn on/off on my smartphone to avoid any surprise roa...

rdms by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 6 replies

Roam like home. Calls go straight to voice mail.

On roam like home in france.I am not getting my calls. I just end up getting a voice mail.New phone new sim card meets all of the requirements for usage on French cell networks.I am able to use SMS and data.Roam like home was confirmed by rogers via ...

Triq by I'm Here A Lot
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Zone 4 Daily Internet Rate

Hi, I've recently travelled out of the country and noticed that I have a "Zone 4" charge of $79.92 added to my bill. On top of that, I was also charged for "ROAM LIKE HOME". I am fine with the "ROAM LIKE HOME" charges since this was intentional but I...

aj_12 by I'm Here A Lot
  • 9 replies

Resolved! Caller don't hear ring when calling

I have alot of problem with my 2 iphone 6 since I'm in the US . Caller only hear one ring when calling me and it goes flat after that. On my side I hear the phone ring normaly but all the caller hang up since they think the line as a problem. Rogers ...

PBM by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Traveller's temporary suspension with call and SMS forwarding

I'm travelling temporarily in the US for a few months and I have a prepaid SIM here, so I suspended my Rogers Wireless service. That's fine it's nice and cheap, but it doesn't allow me to forward my calls and SMS to my US SIM. What can people recomme...

sbwoodside by I've Been Around
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Voice Mail not answering now that I'm in the US

I am from Canada, and am now in the US for 2 months. We have the Roam Like Home package. Since we arrived in the US my voicemail on my phone is no longer answering. Anyone have any experience with this? ***Edited Labels***

JMcIntyre by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 15 replies