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Resolved! Hitron CGN3, Xbox and NAT

Hi, I recently moved to Rogers, and am now the proud renter of a Hitron CGN3.   However, I am unable to set it up such that I can have 2 xbox 360s with 'open' NATs.   With my previous Bell Aliant modem, I set the uPNP setting on, had both of the xbox...

NB_Steve by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 27 replies

Can't find any multiplayer games online.

I've recently switched to Rogers, and ever since then I haven't been able to find any VS/HUT games at all in NHL 17. EASHL works fine, as does drop in. I'm connected through wired, and I've opened ports, tried setting a DMZ, and just can't seem to fi...

cupquakez by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 22 replies

Traffic Shaping of P2P Gaming?

Almost a year ago, I upgraded from the High-Speed Express service to the High-Speed Extreme since I was in need of an increase in bandwidth and upload speed. Occasionally I like to play on the Xbox 360, in games such as "Call of Duty" or "Gears of Wa...

Tkavil by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 27 replies

Resolved! Internet Keeps Cutting Out

Pretty much every 15 to 20 minutes, my internet keeps failing me. It would cut out for around a minute or so and pop back up. As a gamer this is starting to get annoying. I'm using the SMC Gateway. Anyone have any idea if it's on the Rogers end or co...

Foehammer by I've Been Around
  • 130 replies

Hitron CGN3 and Ea Servers on Xbox One

Hi, so I've been having problems with my connection basically since i got this modem in the Summer. Every connection i have at home is fine. Laptops, desktops, iphones, xbox live. Its just the ea servers that i get disconnected on about 1-2 times a d...

xbox one and internet keep getting disconnected

My son keeps getting kicked out when he plays with his friends. Last night 4 times in a row. I just spoked to Rogers support and they told me that they could not help me. I am trying to find out which Rogers modem is the best to get. We currentl...

kingpin5 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 19 replies

hitron modem and xbox live

hey, so i recently switched out my SMC D3 which had horrible ping times and slow speeds, for a new hitron.  Since getting the hitron, ive had nothing but issues with xbox live.  I have an open nat (both from xbox telling me and halo 4 telling me) and...

dnavia by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 18 replies

Ps4 and xbox one on at same time

I have 2 boys one on ps4 and other on xbox one. When there both on they cant go online. I have the 500gb extreme package. Is it to small.   ***Edited Labels*** 

nhl gamecenter live app

Depuis la mise a jour de l’application NHL GAMECENTER, je n’ai plus la possibilité de regarder les matchs sur Google Chromecast. Aussitôt que je transfere le match du telephone vers la television, un message apparait apres quelques secondes (THE GAME...

hhamel by I'm Here A Lot
  • 15 replies

xbox doesnt detect wifi

my other computers can detect it but not my xbox, please help     ***Edited Labels***

UnAlpha by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 7 replies


I'm not biased.... but after this, when my contract ends, I will be switching to Bell Fibe internet WITHOUT a single doubt. For the past month, my Internet went from bad ... I play mainly FIFA 13 on XBOX 360 (always had to play with lag, as if my pla...

Xbox One Teredo IP Not Found, Hitron CGN3ACSMR

Hi all, wireless newbie here so I apologize for anything obvious I might be missing.   I'm having some troubles with my Xbox One on my Rogers wireless. I can invite other people to join my games, but cannot receive game invites, join other peoples ga...

Hitron CGN3 only works for Destiny (Xbox360) in bridge mode

Hi, I'm not too sure about posting this here but I need some help.I play Destiny on the Xbox 360 and have recently switched to Rogers Ignite60 internet. I use a wired connection to my Xbox. I had no problems playing with my old ISP and gateway modem....

mmont by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 54 replies

Hitron CGN3 & Xbox One connecion issues

I am having some extreme inconsistency issues with my new Hitron CGN3 modem and my Xbox One/Xbox Live connection. This has been going on ever since I upgraded my connection to the new fiber 250 package about a month ago.   Here is what is happening: ...

Mwatson519 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 18 replies

Fluctuating upload/packet loss on Xbox one

So I just switched to the rogers ignite bundle, and at this point, it feels like a waste of time and money. I received the lesser of the two modems, the hitron cgn3, and it doesn't work properly for my Xbox one. I already tried switching it out, but ...

hitron rocket modem connectivity issue with Xbox one live

I upgraded to the 100mbps ignite package and installed the new rocket modem. I have an Xbox one that is wired to the network and every time I go online on Xbox one games I lose connectivity to the server after 10 minutes or so...consistently. I never...

dg1010 by I've Been Around
  • 2 replies

Resolved! I need help with the DMZ and opening my NAT

I got a new modem/router from rogers within the last week, and when I go into the DMZ and add what i want to add into that it works fine i have no problems adding it to the DMZ. Within a day or a few hours i would say the NAT goes from Open back to m...

Why does Anyplace on Xbox one require a Gold membership

This make zero sense.  I can watch on my computer or other devices for free (well, not free but included with my cable subscription) but for some unfathomable reason, Rogers has decided that I should pay Microsoft to view that same content from my XB...