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Low Download Speeds on Laptop via WiFi

Excuse my 'limited' knowledge..  Curious why ( using wifi; not Ethernet), my laptop can only get up to 50 mbps download..  My apple iphone; almost 600 mbps? This is what I have (below)... Any help/info, much appreciated! ROGERS IGNITE 500 - UNLIMITED...

oroberts by I've been around
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Resolved! New Rogers modem?

I work from home and I have Rogers and my employer has Bell and the Vonage VOIP phone system. As you can appreciate the Hitron modem router is not compatible with my employer's system. My supervisor was given a list of Vonage compatible routers which... ICMP Latency Reduction

One of the questions that arose out of the deployment of V4.5.8.27 to the test group of CGN3ACSMRs is "does it work?"  In a nutshell, yes.  But, to really appreciate the difference from before to after you would have to run an extended ping test to t...

17_29 Jun 2016 CGNM-3552 with loaded ping to first node beyond modem 30 sec cycle  12 Hour Bottom chart .png Fri 23 Sept 2016   Latency to CMTS   CGNM-3552  V4.5.8.25 2_30 am to 2_30pm.png Fri 23 Sept 2016   Latency to CMTS   CGNM-3552  V4.5.8.25  2_30 am to 2_30pm no 2.png Fri 23 Sept 2016  All Day  Latency to CMTS   CGNM-3552  V4.5.8.25.png
Datalink by Resident Expert
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Resolved! Technical reasons to move to the new CGN3ACR

Ok, now for a little technical info that might help.  First and foremost the CGN3ACR has been accessed by using when the modem is operating in Bridge mode.  So, it is possible in that case to access the DOCSIS WAN signal level and signa...

Datalink by Resident Expert
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