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Intermittent Ignite Service- Woodstock, ON

Rogers Ignite has been cutting in and out very frequently (every few minutes) since the evening of Nov 13th. It's now been nearly 24 hours and it's still happening. There are others in Woodstock experiencing the same issue but Rogers says they aren't...

Ignite Internet not working on ChromeOS?

Recently switched to ignite internet (With ignite TV) from the cable service. Now my Chromebox, running Chrome OS, won't load web pages (can connect to WiFi however). Rogers tech came in and said the ignite service must not support my machine which d...

Ignite TV - How to change DNS on XB6 (CGM4140COM) modem?

I have a CGM4140COM modem through the Rogers ignite plan. Does anyone know how I can change the default DNS? I have logged into the gateway panel, I can see the current dns servers but there isn't any way to edit them.   *Added Labels*

Ignite Internet Cuts out EXACTLY Once Per Night!!

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? My Ignite Internet seems to partially die once every night, always sometime between 8PM and 11PM (which go figure is my prime time for usage). Ping requests still seem to work, but actually trying to ...

Wifi Pods vs Eero - Help

Hi Folks. Quick question - we just switched from Bell Fibe to the Rogers Ignite package. With Fibe, we had fibre optic lines running into the house with the mesh pods. With Ignite, we got the wifi pods. I'm noticing a HUGE difference in the speed (ev...

Kymberlee by I'm Here A Lot
  • 18 replies

Resolved! Slow Internet Response Time with Ignite TV system

Does anyone else have an issue with the slow response time between their devices and the network? Initially, I thought it was an issue with the wiring from outside but the techs came and installed a completely new line from the post to the actual mod...

Jlarose99 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 20 replies

Ignite TV Modem/Router with Asus Router

Any one uses ASUS Ai Mesh system with Rogers Ignite TV modem? Are you set Rogers Modem to Bridge Mode OR just turn off the wifi from Rogers modem?   *Added Labels*      

seadooxp30 by I'm a Reliable Contributor
  • 24 replies

Resolved! Ignite TV Micro Disconnects

I have been getting micro disconnects many times a day (3 to 10). This cuts everything for about 30~60 seconds and then reconnects automatically. Very annoying especially if we are on the phone. Ignite TV was installed 2 weeks 2 days ago. We already ...

BeforeDisconnect.png DuringDisconnect.png AfterDisconnect.png EventLogAfterConnect.png
bhoward57 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 41 replies

Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

I received a new modem from Rogers (the white tower one) probably around October 2018 or so (prior to that I was using my own modem (which I bought from rogers, but switched to this rental one).. Anyhow, my family and I noticed no difference in speed...

onacor by I've Been Around
  • 8 replies

Ignite TV - 3rd party Router - Netflix not working

Hi, I just had my Rogers ignite installed and have my XB in bridge mode with my ASUS AC68U router handing out ipv4’s. Everything working but no Netflix, what am I missing here?   *Added Labels*

SHaDoW6 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 18 replies

Resolved! Why does internet cost more in a bundle then it does standalone ?

I'm a little confused, and I think I just made a support person with Rogers confused as well as they can't explain it either.   According to my rogers bundle, I pay $117.99 before taxes, discounts, and modem fee for IGNITE INTERNET 500u.   So $117.99...

Elochai by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 4 replies

Ignite TV - Multiple Ethernet and Home Phone Connections

Hi,  I recently switched over to ignite tv, which is one modem. (XB6) I have my house wired up for ethernet and home phone jacks, but my home phone modem and internet router used to be in different places, now that I have ignite tv, and the xb6 modem...

FTP no longer works after installing Ignite TV

We just had Ignite TV installed and ever since I can no longer use ftp on my home pc to put/get files from a remote ftp server. I can connect to the ftp server and sign on, but when I enter one of put or get or dir, I get the message "connection clos...

2018-May Rogers internet pricing

I am currently a Rogers internet customer with ignite 30 plan, 250GB/month, 30 Mbps download, 5 Mbps upload. I am looking for the cheapest and entry level unlimited internet plan, speed is not too much important for me, it is the unlimited feature th...

PCao by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Ignite verses Rocket

Hello, I am currently being offered a bundle package with Internet and Cable.    Right now my internet is Ignite 500 download and 20 upload, they want to switch me to Rocket 150 download and 15 upload.  I am being told I am getting better internet, i...