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Node segmentation got delayed 4 months. What are my options for good internet?

I plan to stick around

Hi there. I've been experiencing a variety of issues going back to probably June 2018, including packet loss, high ping, and low upload speeds. For instance, some days I have to deal with steady 1-5% packet loss, or random 15 second spikes of 50-100% packet loss. I get pretty bad ping jitter, in online game servers, to Amazon/Twitch ingest servers, and in speedtests that measure jitter. On ignite 150u, I haven't hit more than 11mbps in a speedtest since September 7th, over 30 tests ago! Not sure if I even average 10mbps upload. Download speeds are a little low too, but only by 10%, so it's not a big deal. 

(all on a wired connection. I've tried other PCs, changing ethernet cables, swapping between gateway and bridge mode, and checking real-time bandwidth usage to see if it's on my end (which it isn't). I've definitely run out of troubleshooting options I know how to perform).


Rogers had a few techs sent out, a modem replaced once or twice, and maintenance work performed on my building, but with no success or change to performance. 


Eventually the customer service rep said it was due to congestion, and a node segmentation for my area was scheduled for Jan 2019. I found out today it's apparently been pushed back until April, and who knows if that will get delayed as well. 


Now here is my dilemma:


I would swap ISPs if I really could, to you-know-who, but they don't offer reasonable speeds in my area (5down/<1up). So my only options are Rogers and the smaller guys in my city of London. However, I've reached out and the smaller guys use the same lines as Rogers for Cable Internet. So I'm not sure if swapping to another ISP would even help. Unless it's a modem issue I've been having, but I've tried swapping modems already and it didn't help. 


Has anyone else been in the same boat? I've reached out to customer service, and nicely enough they've offered a discount for 12 months, but I would rather have internet that works for my needs. I try to stream and play games so I need a stable ping and upload speed, two things things that I definitely haven't been getting. What can I do here? 




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Re: Node segmentation got delayed 4 months. What are my options for good internet?


Hello @Nadernt


Dealing with packet loss, high ping, and low upload speeds can be a major pain especially if you're a gamer! =(


If the Node segmentation is already scheduled we're limited in what we can do until that work is completed. We are able to review your file to see if there is anything else that hasn't been done or see if there are any additional updates related to this matter.


Feel free to send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps and we can get started on this for you. If you are not familiar with our Private Messaging system please check out our Blog.


If there are any other users in the Community who have gone through a similar experience feel free to chime in with your input. I will also tag in some of our Resident Experts to see if they have any suggestions @Datalink, @Gdkitty, @gp-se.


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community!




Re: Node segmentation got delayed 4 months. What are my options for good internet?

I plan to stick around

@RogersTonyThanks for the reply. I'll definitely send a PM to get an update on my cases. Thanks again.


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