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IPG Inconsistencies

I have a 9865 (NB3) running Navigatr firmware and I also utilize AnyPlace Web "Manage PVR", as well as RAPTV on my iPad. The Rogers IPG has never been very good, but most of the time it records most of my scheduled recordings. Since January 2016 (pos...

57 by Resident Expert
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Resolved! ZTE MF275 Firmware Update

HiI was wondering where I can go to update the firmware on MF275. I have gone to ZTE's website and selected my model but no firmware or downloads are available. I have also done a google search to no avail. I have contacted rogers support and they su...

Keyone stuck on ABA075 and has not been updated in over a year

Having feature/stability/performance issues with my Keyone and noticed that neither the OS nor Security patch has been updated in over a year even tough they were announced. Updates just keeps on coming back "your system is up to date" . Really? Roge...

Resolved! Android Pie for Note 8

When is the Galaxy Note 8 going to get the pie update?   *** Added Labels ***

Julian_40 by I've been around
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LG G6 August Security Update Breaks MMS over WiFi

I discovered after taking the August security update on my LG G6 that MMS was broken when connected to WiFi. The only way to make MMS work is to either disconnect from WiFi or enable WiFi calling. I don't use or need WiFi calling in my daily life so ...

JeffGerard by I plan to stick around
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Samsung S9 & S9 Plus - Android PIE

Hey Community,   Unfortunate news, we have confirmed with Samsung this morning that the FOTA has been delayed until February 7th, 2019.   Thank you all for you patience over the past 24hrs and to come.  As always, we aim to be as open and transparent...

RogersDarrell by Community Manager (Retired)
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Resolved! New Rogers modem?

I work from home and I have Rogers and my employer has Bell and the Vonage VOIP phone system. As you can appreciate the Hitron modem router is not compatible with my employer's system. My supervisor was given a list of Vonage compatible routers which...

Nextbox 3.0 PVR Skips: Recorded Playback Only

Hi all,   I'm just looking to see if anyone else has this issue as I have exchanged my NextBox 3.0 PVR once already and continue to have this same problem on all TVs and cable outlets in my home, so I am assuming it is a software issue with the boxes...

Resolved! 8642HD really SLOW - is this normal?

Hi there, I'm new to rogers. Just got the NextBox 8642HD.    It's been a slow learning curve, and as such i've accepted it's SLOW repsonce times, but after a couple months of use, I can't take it any more.   Is it normal for the cable box to be SO SL...

cdpage by I've been here awhile
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Resolved! Rogers Please start updating security Patches on Samsung Devices

Like honestly you should be updating the security of the Samsung line of phones especially when you have already received the patch. This goes for the Note 5, Galaxy S6, and Edge. Google releases these each month. Samsung has stated they want to push...

Dx9 by I'm a reliable contributor
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Resolved! wifi calling on LG G5

I am a new Rogers customer. Went to the local store and selected the LG G5. Since I have a weak signal back home, I specifically asked about the wifi calling option. I was told I would be able to use this option if the signal is too weak as it switch...

ld29253 by I've been here awhile
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Intel / Arris Puma 6 (Hitron CGN3XXX) progress

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,   Posted on the DSLReports site at 2:28 pm Mon 20 Feb, is the following post from Netdog, an Arris engineer:   Re: SB6190 Puma6 TCP/UDP Network Latency Issue Discussion Ok I have a new engineering build with some TCP/UD...

Datalink by Resident Expert
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  • 1 likes ICMP Latency Reduction

One of the questions that arose out of the deployment of V4.5.8.27 to the test group of CGN3ACSMRs is "does it work?"  In a nutshell, yes.  But, to really appreciate the difference from before to after you would have to run an extended ping test to t...

17_29 Jun 2016 CGNM-3552 with loaded ping to first node beyond modem 30 sec cycle  12 Hour Bottom chart .png Fri 23 Sept 2016   Latency to CMTS   CGNM-3552  V4.5.8.25 2_30 am to 2_30pm.png Fri 23 Sept 2016   Latency to CMTS   CGNM-3552  V4.5.8.25  2_30 am to 2_30pm no 2.png Fri 23 Sept 2016  All Day  Latency to CMTS   CGNM-3552  V4.5.8.25.png
Datalink by Resident Expert
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Resolved! Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual

I, unfortunately, purchased this dual-SIM card phone last year. The plan was to have different ringtones on each SIM card, one for business & one for friends. Nobody told me  that this capability disappeared with Android 6.0, for whatever reason.   N...

SonyDude by I've been here awhile
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Resolved! Possible to change product code when using Nokia Software Recovery Tool to change firmware on Europe

I have an unlocked Lumia 830 (RM-984) that isn't working properly with Rogers. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to somehow change the product code (when using Nokia Recovery Tool, for example) from current one (059W554) to one meant for...

shanchri by I'm here a lot
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Resolved! LG phone won't turn on - Firmware Update

My LG cell battery died just before midnight on New Years eve, when i plugged it in my vechile on the way home, a screen came up Firmware Update, I am unable to turn on the phone after being charged all night and the screen does not show it is updati...

debdaze by I'm here a lot
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Resolved! Download Stock OS

Wondering where i can download the STOCK Rogers file to flash to my wife's S6..   restoring or wipping is not fixing the issue and Rogers recommended to install a fresh copy of the firmware but i can't seem to find it anywhere..   will this trip the ...

jeneric28 by I plan to stick around
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