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Resolved! Nexus 6P

I dont think I'm getting the best battery life. And every time I check history details of my battery life... Cellular network signal has a lot of yellow in the bar.... I'm guessing that's it? Because when I switched from Nexus 6 to Nexus 6p I did a f...

Bratticus by I plan to stick around
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Resolved! G5 vs S7 Edge

Hello everyone. I was hoping i could get some opinions on what happened to me the other day.I went into a Rogers store to upgrade my phone. I went in with my heart set to get an s7 edge. Then the guy started saying he doesn't recommend it and that th...

Resolved! LG G4: WARNING - do NOT upgrade Android

I got my LG G4 at the beginning of July and have absolutely love it. It does everything that I need a phone to do and the removeable battery and expandable memory was a big factor in my selection.   The battery life was amazing: I don't play games on...

NOTE 7 Battery / Lag issue?

Well there's been a lot of talk all over already about the Note 7 having battery life, heating, lag issues. Part of the problem is the fact that in North America we got the obviously worse SnapDragon as apposed to the Exynos version that they got in ...

Headfake by I plan to stick around
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