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Don't think Rogers has it but, does Rogers have an option for me to Port in another number to be used as a virtual number?Assuming not, does the community have a service/app they would recommend? *** Edited Labels ***
In BC there are two communities/areas that only have 2G connection available and am wondering if Rogers plans to upgrade these towers to 4G (HSPA+) and/or LTE or if they are planned to be discontiuned and these areas will just be using the extended c...
Having finished off my 3 year contract with the then FLEXtab payment scheme, where you had $x.xx of your plan goto the payment of the device (I think mine was $7.99 or was it 13.99, can't recall/doesn't really matter at this point). When I signed the...
So I understand for LTE the unlocked phone needs to support the Rogers LTE Frequencies, which I have. But is there any other requirements when it comes to VoLTE? Is as long as the phone supports the LTE bands, and VoLTE it will work, or is there some...
I'm just trying to understand what the limitation of the extended network is with the my10 plans. Personally I cannot understand why there would be such of a limitation, all calls are itemized on the invoice.... the only thing I can see is to force u...
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