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Favourites that have multiple channels

I'm really annoyed that when I set a channel as a favourite, it sets all of the identical versions of that channel as a favourite. Then when you want to view your favourites, by default it only shows you the lowest channel number version of that chan...

Crewbert by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Changes to Ignite TV Channels in Packages and Theme Packs

I'm starting this thread to give us a place where changes to the Ignite TV channel lineups can be announced and discussed.   Rogers already has pages that show Free Previews and New Channels but I have not been able to find any pages that list planne...

-G- by Resident Expert
  • 215 replies

Resolved! Ignite TV App on Amazon Fire Tablet

I can run ignite tv with no problem on my Samsung A5 phone. It also runs fine on my daughters ipad.   I can only view recorded shows on my Amazon fire tablet. On demand shows error out. When I try to ask for my channel guide I also error out.   I can...

Resolved! Removing reminder!!!

When my mother lived with us she loved tennis. We set a reminder for the US Open on all tvs and would like to remove it! Can someone help please?   **Labels Added**    

Callalili by I plan to stick around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Ads in program guide

I've had opportunities to try out Ignite TV on a few occasions and something that very much surprised me is the presence of ads in the program guide.  They appear as rows like regular channels over and over again as you scroll vertically in the guide...

Ignite tuner software needs to be more user flexible

I've been making use of the Ignite program for a week now & I've come to the conclusion that the software could use a LOT of tweaking to make it more flexible & comparable to the older Technicolor program that gave the user considerably more tweaking...

55trucker by I plan to stick around
  • 1 replies

After watching a recorded program

Once a recorded program is finished, a menu comes up asking if you'd like to delete it. And behind that menu is the channel guide. It never goes away unless you choose to delete it. MY question is Is there a way to have the delete menu and the channe...

Resolved! Ignite TV Premier vs. Ignite TV Flex 20 including Sports

Hi everyone   I'm curious with what people think with regards to the Flex 20 including Sports. We currently have the Premier TV bundle, and our current promo deal is up in a few weeks. I was chatting today with a rep and they did offer the Flex 20 in...

Not Happy With Ignite TV

Just got Ignite 4 days ago and so far not that happy. A) you can't make the PPV channel a favorite so you have to continually switch to "all channels" just to see what is on PPV B) With the "Next Box" on the guide it would tell you what shows are "ne...

Moisha by I've been here awhile
  • 6 replies

Feedback After Switching to Ignite TV

I recently switched to Ignite TV and internet and I’m sorry that I did.The channel guide is terrible. It’s black and white and difficult to read. Each page only displays four lines and when you page down the last line on the previous page is repeated...

bobleuz by I've been here awhile
  • 12 replies

ToonAVision added as an app only

Rogers quietly seems to have added ToonAVision, but the channel is not on the guide, cannot be recorded, paused, rewind, etc. It is found in the Apps section under Entertainment.   I really disapprove of channels being replaced with apps. This should...

james039 by I plan to stick around
  • 4 replies

Fox Sports Racing Schedule

Can someone get a hold of these turkeys that package this channel for Canada and have them update their schedule on the Rogers Ignite...no way of getting a hold of them.   **Labels Added**    

danno100 by I plan to stick around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Adding Favourite Channels

I’m sure the answer to this is so obvious that I’m going to feel dumb but I have searched and searched and find no one asking this question.How do I create a favourite channel list?Thanks,Rick   **Labels Added**    

Exchange channels

On the ignite system can I exchange TLC for channel 2(CBS) and exchange Discovery Channel for fox??       ***Added Labels***

davedarla by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies

Promised ignite premier channels

 After connecting the new ignite boxes etc just the other day.....the channel line up has magically changed.      Before ordering I was given the channel line up for premier bundle for my area which included all the channels that are now somehow extr...

Resolved! Accessing Crave via Ignite TV

Just made the switch to Ignite TV and Ignite Internet a couple weeks ago.  I kept our Rogers Crave subscription that we've had for several years.   I can access Crave through our Samsung TV App as we did before the switch.  And I can log into crave.c...

kuhnberg by I plan to stick around
  • 3 replies