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sound issues with my rogers ignite tv

I have had 3 technicians come and nobody can fix tis problem. whenever i use apps off my samsung smart tv like netflix yourutbe fubo prime dazn everything is good. but when i go back to cable there is no sound . nobody knows why. is it my smart tv . ...

Resolved! Netflix

My Netflix will not open on Roger’s app today, getting error code NW-8-19 I have rebooted the modem, also reset Netflix and refresh system and still not working     ***Edited Labels***

Evestef1 by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

Netflix thumbnails blacked out

I recently got Ignite and was happy with the ease of access to things.  Initially Netflix worked fine but about 5 days in most of the thumbnails images turned black so you can’t tell what show it is.  I have done the whole reset and restart as I also...

Ignite TV - Netflix & Crave

I have subscriptions to Netflix and crave, not through Rogers, but both apps won't work through my tv box. They work through my smart tv apps and my phone apps. I'm finding this extremely frustrating and am wondering if there is a work around for thi...


Good eveningUnable to connect to Netflix with my XiOne. It tries but fails. Have checked connection, rebooted tv box, rebooted modem. To no avail.I can connect with the Netflix app on my phone ok just not through XiOne.Anybody else failing?ThnxBill  ...

Biollw by I'm a senior advisor
  • 12 replies

3rd Party apps not remembering passwords

Anyone else having issues with Netflix, prime video and YouTube always asking you to login when you start the applications from the IgniteTV applications?Or do you ever have an issue with the apps login you out as you watch?   *Added Labels*

RN_Ja by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies

XiOne netflix issue

Anyone else with the XiOne, having issues with netflix?ALL other streaming apps work fine on the box, netflix will not load.Brings up the logo, spins for a bit, then says cant connect.Doing some of the netflix app tests, says its not connected to the...

Gdkitty by Resident Expert
  • 4 replies