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Resolved! Crave Login via Ignite

Hello! I already have a Crave subscription but do not see where I can login to my account to access it via my Ignite TV box. I have the option to subscribe via Rogers but I already have the sub. Any insight is most appreciated. Thanks!   **Labels Add...

Sharing Ignite TV

We are a family of 5 and I just got Ignite TV.  I have my account registered with MyRogers and can use the Ignite TV app easily.  My question is how do others in my family login to the Ignite TV app on their devices?  Surely I do not have to share my...

DwayneP by I've Been Around
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Can't Watch Ignite TV App Outside The House?

Hey guys, just got rogers ignite about a week ago, my girlfriend was at home watching it and I tried using my app while I was away.. and it wasn't working for me says not available for every channel that I have.. but it was working still at home..Wit...

Kylek91 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 17 replies

Ignite tv app on Google TV

Got a new Google TV and this app does not appear on the Playstore, sideloading doesn't work either. I see Bell, when will Ignite TV app be available for Google TV?     ***Edited Labels***

mr5g by I've Been Around
  • 5 replies

Ignite TV Amazon Prime Video App - Closed Captioning Issues

Rogers just upgraded our system to Ignite TV. In the Prime app the closed captioning keeps turning back on even though we want it stuck on default. I turn it off then the next day it's back on. No one here is turning it on.    We used to view Prime t...

mdmorel by I've Been Around
  • 31 replies

Acessing PVR shows when Internet is Down

On my Rogers Legacy Nextbox I could still access any shows taped on my PVR to watch on my connected TV when the internet was down. With the change to Ignite I can no longer access the PVR content on my TV when the internet is down. Am I missing somet...

Resolved! Accessing Ignite TV on a Smart TV without a Box

I have a new 2020 LG Smart TV.  I can watch Ignite TV via my computer, iPad and iphone (obviously without a box).  I want to be able to watch Ignite on the new TV the same way.  However, it wont let me because I dont have an IOS or Android system as ...

MommaMirab by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 19 replies

4K Channels do not show on IgniteTV App or Browser

I do not see my 4K channels in the IgniteTV app or browser.  Why would I want these there?   1. Because a couple of the Channels like Stingray Videos and Stingray Now4K are only available in 4K and I might like to view them or set recordings. 2. Beca...

57 by Resident Expert
  • 9 replies

Ignite app play button missing

I've been using the app to watch movies on demand on my ipad for several weeks. Suddenly the play button has disappeared and I no longer have the option to watch movies. I've restarted the ipad, and deleted and reuploaded the app. No help. I've notic...

Download & Go shows in app not working

The iOS ignite tv app allows me to download a show. It says it’s downloaded, but when going to play I get Connection Error TVAPP-00351. Some work, some don’t. I’m on my home wifi.   ***Edited Labels***

dmortson by I'm Here A Lot
  • 5 replies

No sound on recordings on app

I watch my recordings (how I watch all my shows) on the app on my IPhone 13 and all of a sudden a few days ago I started having the issue that the audio would stop working a few minutes into the show. I’m getting pretty sick of watching all my shows ...

Delete a recorded program

I have had Ignite Tv for about a month and wish I had never made the switch from cable.   It is easy to see how to delete a recorded program that I have not yet watched but for a show I have watched the delete icon does not appear.  Help? Is it impos...

Profj by I've Been Around
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Ignite Premier Package

Can I watch Ignite Premier Package on my devices when I am in the US?   **Labels Added**