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Resolved! Issues Connecting Ignite TV Box to Samsung TV When Prompted

I am reconnecting the Rogers ignite box to my Samsung Frame tv.It did not recognize the device and I am trying the "manual' process to add it to the HMDI1 connection on the TV.The Samsung menu asks for the "TV Provider" and shows a picklist.  There i...

ignite tv/modem setup

getting the ignite tv/internet on tuesday saw this in a post [You can still perform the basic configuration of your Ignite gateway using a web browser but there are some configuration actions that can only be performed using the iOS or Android mobile...

hiho by I'm a regular
  • 7 replies

Ignite Installation no Fibre to the home

Sigh.This is the second time a Rogers technician has come to my house to install Rogers ignite tv and internet. This is also the second time I’ve been told YES YOU HAVE THE FIBRE IN YOUR AREA AND TO YOUR HOUSE!After a month between the first non inst...

U2brothr by I plan to stick around
  • 11 replies

Held hostage for 3weeks without service and no solve!!

We have been without service for 3 weeks since failed fiber ops install. At day 11 they did get us connected and then by mistake cancelled our account. I have spent over 30 hours on the phone.. They now say we are 10 more days for a potential tech to...

Heldhostage by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Global TV app, channels not available

I have the rogers ignite premier package.I got the Global TV app to watch on demand shows on the History Channel.But when I sign in using my rogers credentials, it says "based on my tv package, I have access to global and global news only".Why is thi...

dave2552 by I've been here awhile
  • 4 replies

Disney Plus Promo

I just renewed an Ignite bundle online and one of the promotions mentioned that if I renew online I could get Disney plus for 6 months. I had it previously on an expired bundle but it explicitly stated I would get another 6onths. I have not gotten an...

dm20141 by I'm here a lot
  • 6 replies

I cannot get authentication for global tv app

I cannot get authorization for the global tv app. I tried to follow the instructions on how to send a private message to “community helps” on previous forums but that has not been working for me. Please help. This is frustrating     ***Edited Labels*...

Cami123 by I've been around
  • 5 replies

Rogers Ignite Bundle Installation Questions

Hello , does Rogers really have to run in new cables in to our apartment from outside to setup an Ignite Bundle ? We been living here for years so are the old coaxial cables inside still good enough for the new Ignite program? Is it necessary for me ...

Ignite TV Channel Lineup

I am currently subscribed to Digital TV but having increasingly poor reception, as well as poor internet signal.  I have been told numerous times by both customer support and service techs that I should move to Ignite TV and all my problems will be s...

GWD by I plan to stick around
  • 4 replies

Ignite TV - New Customer - Feedback

I just switched to Ignite on Friday, not too happy thus far.  I was never told this was going to be an android box that has to be shutdown all the time  and restarted to get it to work properly. I was amazed to see that if you press the A button on t...

TracyLee by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies

Changing to ignite TV

I scheduled installation/activation of ignite TV.  It took 3 days to get through to anyone at Rogers who could set this up.  Now I am trying to reach someone/ANYONE at Rogers to reschedule the appoint.  I am now at 1.5 hours holding on the phone, and...

Considering Ignite Service with a Complicated Setup

I am considering getting Ignite service with bundle costs on my digital service going up. I have one TV on the top floor, one on the main floor, and one in the basement. Putting the system on the main floor would work in this scenario. What makes thi...

geddo by I plan to stick around
  • 5 replies

Problems With Internet Since Installation

I bought a Ignite Internet 150-Unlimited on 27th July and until now (after 10 days) I don't have access to the internet. I work from home and over the last week I used either my data or McDonald's and Tim Hortons Internet. It's becoming a never-endin...

Omid1991 by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Three New Ignite TV boxes - Just Delivered - None power up.

I received my three Ignite TV set-top boxes yesterday - opened up the boxes and plugged in everything as per the instructions. None of the boxes show a white light on top (which is supposed to happen). TV screen remains blank - even after a few hours...

miketk by I'm here a lot
  • 10 replies

Getting connected

I'm not connected, I went through the connect for success did that been approved everything's been done got my package picked out. I live in a new sixplex apartment that was the first one done by housing with shipping containers there's one tenant th...