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So for the last couple days when going to look at our saved recordings, a couple of Christmas movies have shown up in the list.  We did not choose to record these.  It has happened twice now.  How is this happening?
Is there an option to get more memory for PVR?  I keep having to delete movies/programs I want to keep in order to save new movies/programs.   If not available currently, is anything being done to get this in the near future?       ***Added Labels***
If I have a movie saved on my computer in MP4 format, is there anyway that I can play it on my tv through the wifi or some other way that doesn't involve me running a cable from my computer to the tv?    *** Edited Labels ***
So just changed to Ignite tv/internet/home phone.  Up til now when someone called the name and number would show up on the tv screen.  It no longer does that with Ignite, hopefully they will add that into Ignite at some point.  Now on my home phone t...
So with the old digital setup and remote, I could punch in the numbers of the channel I wanted, wait a few seconds, and it would switch to that channel.  This new remote doesn't do that, it will sit there until I press the OK button.  Is there someth...
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