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Ignite Wifi Hub Unpause not working

I have my daughters devices pausing every night at 10pm for no reason. Have tried checking to ensure all schedule are clear, deleted profile and still can’t get her connected to our home wifi. Incredibly frustrating and no other device has these issu...

Struuunz by I've been here awhile
  • 9 replies

Unable to use Ignite Wifi Android Application

I am using Google Pixel 4a with Android 13.I have installed this Ignite Wifi application from play store on 30 August 2022.When I open the app , it opens up a browser window to login with my Rogers portal credentials.After successful login, browser c...

Resolved! Ignite Home Connect App

HiThe Rogers ignite home connect app is not functioning on my phone. I have followed all the recommended steps by deleting cache, data, reinstalling the app and restarting my phone but not a chance.When I run the app, I get the sign in page but after...

Brimwood by I'm here a lot
  • 12 replies


My internet home connect (wifi hub)connect version 4.33.0(1683723202) is not working as expected. Like if I pause the any one of connected devices, it’s actually in the app I can see pause but where as it is not blocking the internet. I’m not sure wh...

Ignite App not displaying all connected devices

My Rogers Ignite app is not showing all connected devices currently connected to my wireless router. I have done a factory reset with no change. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Rogers Ignite App. I have reset my gateway.My app only shows 8 dev...

R_Moore by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Rogers Home Connect App

Any one using subject? Received an email today from Rogers hyping the feature and was wondering if there are any advantages to the user?      **Labels Added**

password by I plan to stick around
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Ignite WiFi hub app wont let me log in

So I'm getting Ignite 150u on Monday and i was trying to get the ignite wifi hub app ready for the installation day since I'll be doing the self install, but when i install the app and go into it and try to log in it'll crash? or just reload the logi...

Ignite WiFi Hub - Some Devices Not Connecting

So I have ignite wifi hub and I created profiles for myself my wife and son. This issue has happened twice now, but what's happening is my son will come ask me if i shut his internet down as we do have limits set on his profile. I say no and i check ...

Jerryha by I've been around
  • 3 replies

Ignite WiFi Hub App Not Detecting One of the Devices

How do I file a complaint about the technical support for the Ignite Wi-Fi junkApp.  I have a device that shows up on all LAN scanners and the admin/browser access to my Ignite TV Hub/Modem, but the Wi-Fi app ignores entirely.  All the tech support f...

Philip144 by I plan to stick around
  • 4 replies

Can’t login to ignite app

I try to login and it keeps telling me I don’t have an infinite account, well I have the internet, the router and pay the bill every month. To me that seems like I have ignite internet. Can anyone help me with this issue I really need to change my wi...

VickMc by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Source cable customer switched over to ignite wifi

Having problems signing in to ignite wifi hub app. It responds with. It looks like you don’t have Ignite WiFi yet. The installer installed three modem and antenna however I cannot use the ignite wifi app because I am a cable source customer.   **Labe...

Wgushue by I've been around
  • 2 replies

Ignite Wi-Fi App Isn't Working (Failing to Login)

You take away the web app, after bricking the on modem features, and now your login services to get into the app are down.  How am I to manage my network when core management is so disconnected?Please just put everything back on the modem. Lastly whe...

No pause button on app for Ignite TV boxes

Just as the title says, why is there no pause button for my Ingnite cable boxes? They show up in the WiFi app same as any other device, minus the pause button. Don’t know much about how networks and routing works, but it seems like it should be a sim...

MarkNB by I've been around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! How to control a new device on the ignite wifi apps

I recently bought iphone12 for my son , however I wanted to turn off wifi at 10 pm on his device. But it doesn’t work . I have been using the ignite wifi apps to control other devices’ wifi time , set up limit time . It works well . Why can’t I put c...

Cindy8 by I've been here awhile
  • 7 replies

No notifications received with parental control on

Hello,My setup is enabling parental control on all devices. All these devices are not receiving notifications from any social media software or email (whatsapp, Instagram, gmail, Outlook etc..). If I switch to 4G, notifications are immediately receiv...

jamilnour by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies