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Ignite WiFi Hub - Some Devices Not Connecting

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So I have ignite wifi hub and I created profiles for myself my wife and son. This issue has happened twice now, but what's happening is my son will come ask me if i shut his internet down as we do have limits set on his profile. I say no and i check the app and everything appears to be fine but nothing works for him but everything is ok on all other profiles. In order to fix this problem i had to remove his profile so none of his devices were attached to any profile and all seems to be working. After a couple of days of good stable connection i created another profile for him and after about 2 months same thing. Just saying. Plz fix app as that is one of the big selling points is to be able to manage devices. yes maybe, but when a problem like this happens and the customer may not be as tech savvy, might not be able to figure this out. So plz fix.


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Re: Ignite WiFi Hub - Some Devices Not Connecting

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Is your son using devices with random MAC addresses enabled?  If so, that might be part or all of the problem.  Although, I had read somewhere that IOS devices should use the same MAC address on a wifi networks that they have previously used.  Don't remember where I had seen that, so it might be worth looking up.  And, there also the possibility of a bug in the app.  


How to disable random MAC addresses:



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