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Viewing charges I’m getting right now

I’m currently roaming whilst travelling in the US and cannot view a live bill to see what I’m being charged. I have roam like home but still need to look at a bill to see if I’m getting charged an arm and a leg for data etc or just the $12 per day or...

Richy by I've been around
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Incorrect Balance on the App

The app said i was caught ip on my bill. Then i get the printed bill and suddenly i owe 97 dollars from the previous bill. This is not the way to do business. I had 2 agents agree that nowhere does it say on the app there is money owing. This is scam...

Donnagb by I've been around
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Internet Billing

My bill was to  be paid by Feb 8 2023 , so on Feb 8 2023 I logged in to pay my bill and voila I already have a late payment charge on my bill  .  .   Rogers  you give a date to be paid and before I have a chance to pay the bill on that date you add a...

sierra1989 by I plan to stick around
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MyRogers - Device Balance and Upgrade

I just got a new iphone on the 24 month plan.  At one point I saw the breakdown of flebtab showing monthly amount, plus phone cost, and ending dates.  Now that I've signed up, I'm not seeing this on 'my rogers' account.  How do I bring this informati...

How do i see my bill and what is "current balance"?

New to rogers. How do I see my bill from the app. I click billing and see "current balance" 0 (payment required by date X) . Then below that is "view bill" which shows a higher number. Which one here is the bill i have to pay. What does the current b...

lakooo by I've been around
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Unable to view MyRogers bill on Safari or Chrome

my mac does not allow me to view rogers PERSONAL BILL from either chrome or safari -browsers- I  tried changing the "user agent" on Develop tab - but still cant view my bill.:) I can pay it no problem (LOL ) but I cant see my bill. I heard Rogers sit...

crstone by I've been here awhile
  • 10 replies

Unable to make a payment via MyRogers app

I tried making a payment on my Rogers account using the Rogers app on my iPhone. Funny, the app won't accept my card info (CVC code specifically). I hop onto my desktop Windows machine, log into Rogers and try to make a payment with my Visa debit car...

Resolved! Payment History Showing Incorrect Payment Amount.

Hi    I really need help for Myrogers account issue.  this is my first post here, if anyone can solve my concern i would arreciate, yesterday i logged in my intertnet account i found all my payments on payment history have wrong decimal place, for ex...

gvo by I plan to stick around
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Payment History - Sorry, you don't have any history

  The Payment History function in Billing and Payment was not working for me.  I could view my bill so I could not figure it out.  In my case I got the message "Sorry, you don't have any history".  I believe the billing system account number was miss...

User14 by I'm a trusted contributor
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