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MyRogers - Device Balance and Upgrade

I've been around

I just got a new iphone on the 24 month plan.  At one point I saw the breakdown of flebtab showing monthly amount, plus phone cost, and ending dates.  Now that I've signed up, I'm not seeing this on 'my rogers' account.  How do I bring this information up?


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Re: MyRogers - Device Balance and Upgrade


Hello @robbjanmiles!


Thanks for joining us in the community, we hope you like it here! And what a great first post! 😊


May I ask, when did you first activate your new wireless device with us? I'm wondering if it's just taking some time to sync all of your info for you. When you initially log in, you should be in the 'Overview' tab. From there you can do the following to view your device financing details:


- Scroll down until you see your list of available wireless devices. 

- Select the phone number that you'd like to view the info for.

- Next you will see details of your wireless usage, followed by 'My Wireless Plan' and 'My Device' details. 

- The 'My Device' section will provide your remaining device balance and the date that you will be finished paying it off. Click on the 'My device details' link for details of your monthly financing amount (FLEXtab).


I hope this helps! 






Re: MyRogers - Device Balance and Upgrade

I've been around

I cannot find the My Device Details


Re: MyRogers - Device Balance and Upgrade

Good day @ccc8,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!


You can check your outstanding financing balance by logging into your MyRogers account online or via the app and clicking on "Usage & Services".


After clicking on the wireless number for which you're looking to obtain the details for, scroll down to "My Device" under "My Wireless Plan" on MyRogers via browser.


You can also view the charges related to your monthly device financing payments and monthly financed taxes as separate amounts in the Additional Charges and Credits section, within the Wireless section of your bill. 


Hope this helps!



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