CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@ksnider this is most likely a case for @RogersDave to have a look at as he has the background as a Network Architect to understand this, or, to point the problem to the appropriate staff member.  He'll see the link to your question, but, it won't be anytime soon.  Not trying to pass the buck, but, looking at the info, it seems that you need an answer from someone within Rogers Network Staff.  I'm also wondering if you haven't found some strange bug within the modem, although as you indicated, you didn't see this prior to the move.  Do you have IPV6 up and running in the modem, or are you running IPV4 only?  I'm wondering why the addresses are IPV4 only. 

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

So, that's actually what I was tinkering with tonight - I had set ipv6 to link-local,. and I'm wondering if what the issue I've been seeing was somehow related to not being provisioned an ipv6 address at my old physical address, but I am now, and having the Airport Extreme configured to link-local might have been breaking things.


I just successfully configured ipv6, and now have a new and more interesting datapoint: The problem doesn't exist for ipv6 addresses! It's happening only with ipv4 connections.


For example, using curl with the -4 flag to will hang, while with the -6 flag, it will succeed every time.


It's a very, very strange problem, but it is happening so consistently, and seemingly only at connection startup, that I have to believe this is a specific bug I've managed to trigger somehow.


I'd love to have @RogersDave or anyone else have a look, and happy to provide details at whatever level needed - I can even do a packet capture if that helps. You can imagine how annoying it is when 75%+ of your https connections have to be retried - loading webpages, reloading netflix on the appletv, app updates time out the first run, etc.!

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Resident Expert
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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

Its interesting that you're seeing that as a similar occurrence is underway in the US, as reported in the DSLReports forum.  In this case its with a Broadcom modem and different CMTS.  The Hitron 4582 is an Intel Puma 7 modem.


Ok, one thing you could do is call tech support and ask for a Level II tech.  The Level I tech might give you some static, but, he or she won't be able to help you.  I'd ping this off of the Level II tech and see what he or she can do.  If nothing else, perhaps the tech can pass this on to the Network Engineering staff and get the ball rolling.  My guess is a possible CMTS configuration error of some type.  The modem connects to the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) enroute to anywhere and everywhere, so, maybe the issue is with the CMTS??  


I think that if you had the wrong MAC address on the account, as indicated in the US case, that your modem wouldn't work, but, one can't assume.  You could always confirm the modem's MAC address against the account data with the Level I tech.  


Let me know how this turns out if you decide to chat with the Level II tech.  You can send @RogersDave a private message with the details, but, don't expect an answer anytime soon.   Follow that link to navigate to his pubic page.  On the right hand side is a link to "send this user a private message".  Follow that link to navigate to the message composition page.  It will already be addressed.  Fill in the title and text details and hit send.  For a response, you will see a number overlaying your avatar at the upper right hand corner of the page when you're logged into the forum.  Follow the avatar, which is a link, down to your profile and message inbox.  


Using that same method, you can send anyone a message just by following the link for their name.

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@Datalink @RogersDave


I am currently subscribed to the 500/20 plan.  My current plan expires in March.  so depending on price I might try to get to the gig plan.  


Also $350 bucks for a top of the line wireless router.  idk.  Our gaming pc's are both directly connected and not wireless.  We have two cell phones two tablets, a Roku, and a chrome cast.  So not a dire need for extreme WiFi but don't want it slow either



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

On a totally unrelated note. My Roku Premiere+ with band steering enabled will not connect to the 5Ghz. Only the 2.4ghz. Only way to get it to connect to the 5ghz band is to disable the Band steering.

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@Mythen, if your looking at going to gigabit service, and running VPNs, especially OpenVPN, I'd definitely suggest the RT-AC86U.  If your not in a hurry, keep your eyes open for a sale to come up.  If you run a different VPN, I'd suggest posting a question in the SNB forum regarding the performance you might see with that VPN and the RT-AC86U.  See what Merlin might have to say:


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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

Hitron CGN3 Modem intemitten low download speed issue


I have got the Hitron CGN3 modem with the 500MB download package. I was able to get close to 400MB down stream at the beginning. However after a day use, the download speed will be below 1MB. While the upstream stays at 15 to 20 MB all the time. It remains until I reboot the modem. The download speed will recover to over 300MB immediately.


Then I disabled the gateway function and used it as a cable modem passthrough. The problem still happens. Of course the reboot of the modem will recover the download speed. I did further test and found that I can just unplug the cable of the input to the modem and plug it in again, the download speed will recover too without the need to reboot the modem. It normally happens after a night or a quiet day when there is no one in the house using the internet.


Any suggestion what I should do next? Since I have reset the modem into the passthrough mode, I was not able to log into the modem any more to check the cable side stats.


Thanks in advance for help and advises!

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Resident Expert
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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@unidisk, this sounds like a cable issue.  I'm assuming here that you're running an ethernet connection to the modem.  If this is via wifi, then it could be a combination of cable and wifi issues.  A modem reboot will temporarily resolve the the problem, but, it doesn't solve the underlying cable issue.  When your ethernet connected data rates are down to a minimum, call tech support and ask the CSR to run a signal check on your modem.  My guess is that the signal check won't pass and you should see a tech at your home fairly soon.  


You could also log into your modem, navigate to the DOCSIS WAN tab, copy the Downstream and Upstream table (top to bottom) and paste that data directly into a post.  Do that when your ethernet rates are at a minimum.  The copy and paste process will paste in the text contents of the table and it should look like the table itself when it's pasted in.  Ignore the data that resides above the Downstream table as it's modem specific.  After I see that I might just indicate to you to call tech support anyways, but, at that point I'll have an idea of what your signal levels are like and whether or not they might be the cause of your data rate issues.  


Can you confirm for me if those rates are seen via ethernet, wifi, or both?


Just to note, there are two operating modes with the Rogers Hitron modems, Gateway mode, where the modem acts as modem and wifi router, and Bridge mode, where the modem acts as a modem only.  You can log into the modem in Gateway mode using   For Gateway mode (secondary address) or Bridge mode, you can use to log into the modem.  With the modem in Bridge mode, you can log into it using, navigate to the BASIC .... GATEWAY FUNCTION tab and enable the Residential Gateway Function.  Save the change and the modem will reboot back into Gateway mode with its previous settings intact.  


There is no passthrough mode as is seen in the Shaw Hitron CGNM-2250 modem. 

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

The test was done via wired connection. No wifi connection involved.


The modem (CODA-4582U) is set with Gateway mode disabled . it is used as cable modem only and an external router is used. 


The reboot of external modem or disconnecting the Ethernet connection does not solve the problem. 


The only way to solve the problem is to disconnect the coax cable from the cable modem and reconnect again. It seems to force the cable side to resync. Of course the rebooting the modem alone will also solve the problem.


I just logged into the modem (in bridge mode) and here is the current downstream stats. The wired speed test result is about 600MB down/20 MB up. I will do another capture when the problem happens next time.


Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000194 EndHTML:000010383 StartFragment:000002679 EndFragment:000010327 StartSelection:000002799 EndSelection:000010289 SourceURL: Router - Hitron Technologies

Downstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
OFDM Downstream Overview
ReceiverFFT typeSubcarr 0 Frequency(MHz)PLC lockedNCP lockedMDC1 lockedPLC power(dBmv)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandwidth
130596000ATDMA - 64QAM33.00016400000
238595766ATDMA - 64QAM36.00033200000
323700000ATDMA - 64QAM32.50026400000
Channel IndexStatelin Digital AttDigital AttBW (sc's*fft)Report PowerReport Power1_6FFT Size
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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

Here is the log and there are critical warnings. Do not know if it matters. However the connection is OK for the day since I toggle the coax cable in the morning. Strange enough there is no log about the cable reconnecting. 


Log table removed for privacy reasons. Please edit out modem MAC (CM-MAC) address and post again. - RogersMoin