CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@Rcam wrote:
I like surgery though 🙂

The laptops a Lenovo IdeaPad p500

Lenovo is known to engage in BIOS whitelisting, so if you wanted to upgrade the wifi card, what you'd have to do is look at the Hardware Maintenance Manual manual for that laptop and see what cards are listed. (Often, they offer multiple versions of a given laptop with the same motherboard but different RAM/HD/screens... and wifi cards. But it'll be a single whitelist).


If a dual band card (e.g. an Intel 6230, which is the dual-band card of the same generation as yours) is listed, then get your hands on the Lenovo version of that card (i.e. one with a Lenovo FRU number that matches the number in the HMM... if FRUs are used for IdeaPads, I'm more familiar with ThinkPads so maybe they have a different name for IdeaPads part numbers), and try swapping it in, and hope for the best. Used cards pulled from Lenovos from eBay are one way to go; now that I think about it, I suppose you could just call up Lenovo's parts department ((866) 779-0021) with the FRU number and see if they'll just sell you one.


One quick way of identifying a dual-band card: 802.11a and 802.11ac are 5GHz-only. If something says 'b/g/n', that's 2.4-only; if it says 'a/b/g/n' it's dual-band.


Or, if you are really courageous, you could look for a modified BIOS that removes the whitelist, and install a 7260AC Intel card. That has a serious risk of bricking your motherboard and is not something I have experience in or would recommend.

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

Is that why I just lost my wifi? I can see other networks, not mine though.

A reboot didn't help.

Rogers needs to get on this asap and fix these issues, like yesterday!
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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@Datalink @Rcam


You don't need to run those apps from the laptop -- if you have an android device, get WiFiAnalyzer, if you're on IOS, get Network Analyzer Lite.

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@Datalink wrote:

@VivienM will hopefully be able to tell you if the card can be replaced without any issues from bios white listing. 

The bios whitelisting is mainly because not all devices are made equally. The antennas in the laptop might not work with other devices, leading to damaging the device or just poor wifi performance.


Primarily though, you need to stick to what the original card was designed for. If it's a 2.4GHz only card, then you won't be able to use a 5GHz card in there.


Because of that, there's really little point to replacing it. If the card already handles 2.4 b/g/n, then that's about the best that you're going to be able to get internally anyway. You might be able to replace it with a card that gets slightly better performance, but that's probably not worth it.

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@RogersDave I recently just got the .27 firmware (Thanks btw) and had hoped it would fix my internet issues. It has definitely improved my latency playing on my Xbox, but my speeds still seem to be capped always at 400Mbps down and between 10Mb-25Mb up.

I used to get a steady 800-900Mb
down and 25-30Mb upload at least 2 months ago, why the cap? The Rogers rep I spoke to blamed it on Spring (??) And the possible repairs on the lines, bit then said there were no issues on my lines. Very confusing.

Any ideas or heard anything like this? I just want my old speeds back! Thanks!

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation


I'll stick to the 2.4G. I had thought about getting an adapter to support 5G, but if my internal card can only handle 2.4G, then it's just a waste.of money.

I am thinking of getting another modem, or hooking my router back up. This loss of WiFi is very Inconvenient, esp when in the middle of banking or other sensitive areas
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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@Rcam did you look into a site survey? Are you in a condo or apartment building?

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

I used to have the old modem (2 generations old, I forget the name) and I would get disconected from the internet often. My computer is connected to the modem via ethernet, I've tried chaning the cables. My wireless devices also lose conectivity. 

I was told previously it was probably my old modem causing the issues, so we upgraded to the coda-4582. Our download speed is now MUCH faster, but I'm still having disconections issues. The entire internet will sometimes cut out, and I need to unplug and replug the modem in to get internet again, it sometimes just slows down to a crawl, and If I try to play a game, I loose conection to the game (I've tried multiple games and they all loose conection often). 

I've tried checking for packet loss and that does not seem to be the problem. Does anybody have any advice? This is now incredibly frustrating. 

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

@Luckess can you log into the modem, navigate to the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN tab, copy the downstream and upstream tables and paste them into a post.  The copy and paste process will paste in the text contents of the tables. 

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Re: CODA-4582 - Open Issues for Investigation

I don't see a long list for the upstream overview as I do for the downstream overview. Is this the correct table you are asking for?


Downstream Overview

Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Signal noise ratio (dB)
1 591000000 256QAM 6.300 7 40.366
2 567000000 256QAM 6.300 3 40.366
3 573000000 256QAM 6.400 4 40.946
4 579000000 256QAM 6.500 5 40.366
5 585000000 256QAM 6.400 6 40.366
6 561000000 256QAM 6.000 2 40.946
7 597000000 256QAM 6.500 8 40.366
8 603000000 256QAM 6.700 9 40.366
9 609000000 256QAM 7.000 10 40.946
10 615000000 256QAM 7.200 11 40.366
11 621000000 256QAM 7.300 12 40.946
12 633000000 256QAM 6.600 13 40.366
13 639000000 256QAM 6.600 14 40.366
14 645000000 256QAM 6.600 15 40.366
15 651000000 256QAM 6.700 16 40.366
16 657000000 256QAM 7.000 17 40.946
17 663000000 256QAM 6.900 18 40.946
18 669000000 256QAM 7.100 19 40.946
19 675000000 256QAM 7.000 20 40.366
20 681000000 256QAM 7.200 21 40.366
21 687000000 256QAM 7.000 22 40.366
22 693000000 256QAM 6.300 23 38.983
23 699000000 256QAM 5.800 24 38.983
24 705000000 256QAM 5.700 25 38.605
25 711000000 256QAM 5.700 26 40.366
26 717000000 256QAM 5.800 27 38.983
27 723000000 256QAM 5.500 28 38.983
28 825000000 256QAM 5.400 29 38.605
29 831000000 256QAM 5.100 30 38.983
30 837000000 256QAM 5.000 31 38.983
31 843000000 256QAM 4.400 32 38.983
32 555000000 256QAM 5.700 1 40.366


OFDM Downstream Overview
Receiver FFT type Subcarr 0 Frequency(MHz) PLC locked NCP locked MDC1 locked PLC power(dBmv)
0 4K 275600000 YES YES YES 3.500000
Upstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Bandwidth
1 30596000 ATDMA - 64QAM 34.750 1 6400000
2 38596000 ATDMA - 64QAM 36.750 3 3200000
3 23700000 ATDMA - 64QAM 33.250 2 6400000