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Incompetence & Vague Assurances

I've been here awhile

April 29th, 2024


Brutal experience with Rogers. I'm with Fido and wanted to get the Google Pixel 8 Pro in December due to a great deal. Ordered it. I saw that Rogers offered a 5G network for the same deal. I tried to switch. They cancelled the Fido phone order and ordered it through Rogers. (I kept the Fido account for the time). The phone came inand it was a Google Pixel 8, not the Pro. 


Rogers would not honour the deal after multiple conversations. I decided to return the phone and was told I could do it in store. I went to the store and was told that I couldn't. I called back, and they sent a return slip. I mailed the phone on January 23rd using their return label. 


I noticed last week that there is close to a 1400 charge on the account and started getting collections notices. (I didn't notice bc my plan is still with Fido) I called back 7 days ago. Thank god I saved the return receipt from shoppers. Otherwise, I'd be on the hook. 


The issue remains unresolved despite numerous conversations. My account is still in the negative by $ 1400, and I continue to receive threatening collection emails. I've wasted countless hours, which I can never get back, trying to resolve this issue. I was even told to call back 'tomorrow' as there was no update on the account, a clear indication of their lack of concern for my time and frustration. 


The entire issue was caused by them sending the wrong phone. I easily spent 8+ hours on the phone, in chat, etc. Rogers offered nothing to make this right. The complete level of incompetence from the beginning is unbelievable. 


Despite my best efforts, the issue remains unresolved. All they can offer is a vague assurance that it won't go to collections while it's being 'reviewed', even though I've already sent proof of the return. I'm now fully expecting this to escalate to collections.


Re: Incompetence & Vague Assurances


Good morning @Jefflant17,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for posting about your recent experience. 


I'm sorry to learn it was far from ideal and can understand the inconveniences this issue may have caused.


Were you able to get your concerns addressed since you posted on Monday?


We can gladly take a deeper look into this, if need be. Don't hesitate to send a private message to @CommunityHelps and we'll be happy to get to the bottom of this.


To know more on how to send us a message, click here. Thanks!



Re: Incompetence & Vague Assurances

I've been here awhile

The account has been credited and I was given 1 month of services at no cost. Happy it's over with but you would think it would have been made right by offering what I should have received to begin with. 

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