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LG Devices - Can’t Make or Receive Phone Calls?

Hello, Community. We hope everyone is enjoying summer and keeping safe! A small group of customers using certain LG devices that currently have the previous version of the Google Search App on Android may not be able to make or receive phone calls. B...

RCS not working on both wifi and data

Contacted support at 950pm Dec 12. We tried to figure it out but haven't made it very far. Last I heard my request was going to network. Is there anything I can try?We did do airplane mode, disabling and re-enable chat features, restart the phone, ch...

Trouble receiving/sending text messages

I have suddenly started having issues sending and receiving text messages on my Samsung S10+ phone to one of my contacts. If I try to send a message I get an error message and when I try to open a message she sends I get a different error message. Co...

Purrfit by I've Been Around
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RCS Profile Keeps Corrupting, No help from Rogers

I have had an issue with not being able to receive texts now for almost a month. I have had dozens of calls and chats with Rogers tech support and the problem is still not corrected. It all started a the day of the April 19th outage with Rogers. That...

DandW5860 by I've Been Here Awhile
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RCS Messaging not working on WIFI

Hello, Recently my RCS texts are not working while on WIFI, only on Data. It used to work on both but no longer. I went into developer options to force data to always be active to avoid missing any texts but this consumes the battery much faster. Any...

Resolved! Group text limit of 10 people?

Am I able to have a group test with more than 10 people in it? Everytime I try it fails sending to any numbers past the 1st 10. Is this a limitation with Roger's? ***EDITED LABELS***

rockydog by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

WHEN: Samsungs Features on the Roger's Network

When is Roger's going to support Samsung features? Which features do you ask. Well, the same ones that are down in the USA - Video calling - RCS for Samsung's Messenger - Visual voicemail Did Roger's make a deal with the Apple? Why are we held back? ...

goedhard by I Plan to Stick Around
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RCS with S9 Plus does not work

RCS does not work with my Samsung S9 plus that came from Rogers. Even though the S9 line fully supports RCS on other carriers (bell, at&t, etc) even on Samsung's native app. So what gives Roger's. It worked fine on my Pixel. Why is Roger's holding ba...

goedhard by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 8 replies

RCS Issues On Family Plan

I recently added my wife's phone to my Roger's invoice. We are now setup on a family plan, sharing our data etc. We both own Pixel 2 devices, both use Google Messages as our main app for texting as well. I can enable enhanced messaging (RCS) through ...

ChochiWpg by I've Been Here Awhile
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