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Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE Smartwatch support

Now that Rogers has released support for Apple watches, and the Samsung LTE watch will be in Canada in late October, when will Rogers support the Samsung LTE watch?   ***EDITED LABELS***

garron2 by I've been around
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Forgot voice-mail passcode

I'm having trouble finding the change voice-mail code under the Manage Phone tab can anyone assist me with this   **Labels Added**        

Microphone works intermittently

I need help from. ROGERS! My phone's microphone turns off often and without notice. I have to restart my phone many times a week or even every day. I have device protection. I have gone to a few stores to try to swap out my phone (always in an Otter ...

Strange Android Auto navigation problem

My wife and I just signed up to Rogers. We both have A14 5G phones by Samsung.My phone is having an issue with navigation by voice in Android Auto. My Wife's phone is not.When I say "take me to destination" Android Auto returns..."Something went wron...

Calls being blocked

Hi there,   Recently my Rogers cell phone has started blocking calls from a specific number.  I get no notification of a call, it goes straight to voicemail, and I only get a pop-up if the caller leaves a message.  If I go into call history (Recents)...

Mattkerbel by I've been around
  • 6 replies

iPhone 15 or S3

I am going to upgrade. My main focus on the phone is the camera . I have always had a iPhone but I see so many amazing pictures from a S23 . Should I make the switch ?   **Labels Added**    

Munchbc by I've been around
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esim support for samsung devices

Hi Rogers,   Do you have any plans to support esim on samsung devices. Its 2021 and still no light on this issue from Rogers.   Thanks     **Labels Added**

Sukut by I plan to stick around
  • 39 replies

New to the S22 Family

Hey Community! I recently upgraded my smartphone after almost 4 years of using a Samsung Note 9. I decided on going with the Samsung Galaxy S22 with the Galaxy Buds2. Thus far I am quite pleased with the device, but I do miss the rear fingerprint sca...

What are the benefits of VoLTE/WiFi Calling?

I really have a problem understanding Wi-Fi calling. I have a new Pixel 6a and would like to try this BUT what is the benefit? I am going to be charged anyway for the usage. It makes no cents to me? I use WhatsApp regularly and it works great from an...

Winterpeg by I plan to stick around
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Resolved! New Android Device Setup

Can anyone help me set up and understand my new Samsung s20 fe?       ***Added Labels***

TedMc by I've been around
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Galaxy fold

I have galaxy fold phone, it split down the spline, i am within the one yr warrentee and sent for repair.They said its un fixable.How can a phone be unfixable for a screen defect.If they cannot fix it what are my options.Do they mean it too expensive...

Webmazter by I've been around
  • 2 replies

Google pixel 6pro esim

Howdy folks,. With the One UI4.0 release on my Samsung S20 ultra not enabling the Esim support. I was curious if any Pixel 6pro users could verify is dual sim/esim is working on that model phone.     **Added Labels**

XB70 by I'm here a lot
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Pros and Cons of upgrading to a 5G Phone

Hi all,   I currently have a Galaxy S10+ and my device is now paid up. I want to call Rogers to see if I can get a new deal/discount on my plan as the loyalty discount has now expired with the contract. I do NOT need a new phone/upgrade but wonder if...

DrMike by I'm a trusted contributor
  • 6 replies

Resolved! Note 20 Ultra 5g access and testing

I've had my Note 20 Ultra 5g for a couple months now and live in the GTA with a lot of areas that are said to have 5g access. My first question is: does this phone actually show "5g" in the status bar when on 5g or does it stay as LTE+?I thought it w...

Google Pixel 4a 5G Issues

Don't buy Google pixel 4 a 5g Never!!!!!!!!! Cannot send pictures. More settings that we don't know and need a technical college diploma. Cannot receive call (worst the phone doesn't ring and it is on.) People will say. Phone line not in service not ...

lheudomi by I've been around
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Unable to Connect Huawei P30 Pro to Laptop

MY COMPLAIN WAS IGNORED BY ROGERS. I complained to Rogers a week ago, because I can't transfer my Huawei p30 pro to my laptop and it seems occur because of manufacturer defective. However, until now, I don't hear anything from Rogers any attempt for ...

Resolved! Samsung’s Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e Hardware Discussion

Hi,   I tried searching but cannot find a topic on this.  Samsung is set to debut the 10 series on February 20th, with all rumors pointing to March 5th for the US release date.  I am wondering if there is any info on the Rogers end when we can expect...

tierackk by I plan to stick around
  • 7 replies