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Resolved! moto g pure power down

HI, I am a senior just got the above phone and things are going forward minor issue i have to solve is when i try to power the phone off a window pops up asking if i want to reboot in safe mode? anyone have any ideas as to how i can avoid ...

mapp447 by I plan to stick around
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Re: AAE: OS Updates - ENDED

Alright Community! The time has come, RogersAlton of the Device Management team is here for the next 2 days to answer all your questions about Rogers device OS updates, MRs, EMR and bug fixes.   RogersAlton will be answering your questions on a first...

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Android email password change

Using a Moto X, first one.   1. Changed Rogers email password. Successful. 2. Changed my email password in my iPad settings. Successful. 3. Changed my email password in my iPod settings. Successful. 4. Changed my email password in my Moto X. Not succ...

dannibal by I plan to stick around
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RCS Messaging on Dual Sim Phone

  Any plans for Rogers to support RCS Messaging on Dual Sim Phones like the OnePlus 6? I have tried to test on the OnePlus 6, Moto G6 Plus Dual sim and the Samsung S9+ Dual sim without any luck.    ***Added Labels***

E0 by I've been around
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Resolved! Moto X Play no menu

I have had my Moto X Play phone for about 14 months, but Iwouldn't buy another one. It comes with no menu software to explore the various folders on the phone as Samsung phones does (Samsung Kies connects your mobile phone to your PC, making it easie...

Resolved! Moto Z Nougat Bluetooth Issues

Ever since updating to Nougat, Bluetooth refuses to turn on. Tried starting in safe mode, factory reset doesn't help. I'm ready to toss it out the window!! Any suggestions?Thanks   ***Edited Labels***

JBC2005 by I've been here awhile
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