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Internet keeps disconnecting

I plan to stick around

I tried unplugging modem and 3rd party router.

This problem seems to happen more frequently. I am now entering the info into my phone (notes) - time/day of disconnection and duration.

It went down Tuesday and now today. I don't recall how long it was out last time. Maybe 30 min or 1 hr total?

I also use a wifi Smart TV.

It has reconnected a few times only to drop 5 mins (estimate) later. Sometimes the speed is normal but often, the connection is at a much lower speed suggesting a problem.

I am wondering if there's an issue.


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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I have all new equipment including a new modem which replaced one that is less than 1 month old. New line drop is 1 month old. I have had random internet disconnections since the service was installed. 2 techs checked so far, had a service ticket issued and still no resolution. I am having a hard time justifying paying for an unreliable service. Has anyone had this type of problem resolved? Are there any tips in the support knowledge base as to the cause?

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I plan to stick around

I have had the same issue for at least the past three months. No new equipment was installed at the beginning. Four technicians came, checked everything in my residence, and replaced the modems. However, this intermittent internet and two other internet-based service interruptions are continued. I was told that there is an open ticket. A maintenance team is still working on it in the area.

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Hey @ihorp,


Intermittent issues can certainly be difficult at times to identify the root cause. I understand that you have had the modem already replaced and multiple technicians out, and you are still having a problem with the services. We would like to work with you and see if there is anything more that can be discovered to help determine a resolution for your situation.


You can send a private message to @CommunityHelps and we'll be glad to look into this for you. For more information on how our private messaging system works, please check out our blog.