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Internet keeps disconnecting

I plan to stick around

I tried unplugging modem and 3rd party router.

This problem seems to happen more frequently. I am now entering the info into my phone (notes) - time/day of disconnection and duration.

It went down Tuesday and now today. I don't recall how long it was out last time. Maybe 30 min or 1 hr total?

I also use a wifi Smart TV.

It has reconnected a few times only to drop 5 mins (estimate) later. Sometimes the speed is normal but often, the connection is at a much lower speed suggesting a problem.

I am wondering if there's an issue.


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Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been here awhile

Hey there. sorry if this has been posted before, but I haven't found anything like my case on the community. I'm trying to get this sorted out, as I need a stable connection to be able to work, as I often need to do remote logins and video conferences.


For the last 2 or 3 weeks I have been having intermittent internet drops - service simply stops working on any of my devices for a minute or 2 and then resumes back by itself. this happens on wired or wireless connections, both in gateway and bridged mode. When internet is down, no lights change on the modem, and there are no main events matching the timestamps of when things are down.


Whenever I contact Rogers about it, the CSR sees that signal is fine on their side and no signal drops have happened. Service should be working as expected.


I have had now about 5 different tech visits - 2 senior roger techs, multiple maintenance crews looking at the equipment both outside and inside my house and an uncountable number of calls to rogers support.


From all the tech visits I had only one of them happened to see the problem, as it happened when tech was packing up to leave. this is getting extremely frustrating - as nothing else seems to indicate a problem.  Techs have tried multiple things and changed my setup countless times now. anyone ever experienced internet cutouts that don't show up as a signal degradation anywhere to rogers? 


everything has been replaced on my house now (both lines going in, lines inside my home and the lines outside of my house as well as the modem were replaced) and the problem won't go away. I had no signal problems before this.


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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Hello, @georgeous


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I know how important it is to have a consistent and stable Internet connection, dealing with connectivity drops can become beyond frustrating.


With you being at the Senior Tech level of escalation we'd need to review the notes on your file to ensure we are not repeating any steps you have already gone through. Please send a Private message to @CommunityHelps so we can pull up your info on file and get started.


Not familiar with our Private messaging system? No Worries, Click Here.


We look forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂



Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been here awhile

I am a new (Jan 2020) Ignite customer, and when I read your post it worries me.  I am finding our wifi signal randomly drops as well, and then restarts itself after 3, 5, sometimes 10 minutes.  Sometimes the TV signal will reboot itself, and sometimes I have to physically do a restart of the TV box.   It doesn't happen every day, but perhaps 5 out of 7 days a week.  One day it happened 6 times! 


After the first 2 days I contacted Support and they did a restart from their end.  Now that I've read your post, I will be contacting Support more frequently and have this issue checked out more.  Something's not right.

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

@rdbassman when the Ignite TV service was installed, did the tech replace the external cable?  I'm assuming that you're in a house.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  If you are in a house and the tech didn't replace the cable, would you happen to know how long its been in place?  Does that cable run underground to a nearby pedestal or overhead to a nearby utility pole. 


Here's what you can do to look for packet loss which would indicate a potential cable issue.   On an ethernet connected pc/laptop, bring up a command prompt, I'm assuming that you're running a Windows pc/laptop.  Run a trace to anywhere:


tracert -4


With the modem in its default Gateway mode, the first hop is the modem, the second hop is the CMTS.  Ping the 2nd address, using the following command;


ping -n 3600        where is the second IP address.  


That will run for 1 hour and terminate. 


To copy the results, right click on the top title bar of the command prompt.  Select Edit ..... Select All.  Then right click again on the top title bar and select Edit ..... Copy.  Paste that into a text editor, and then copy the bottom results lines and paste that into a post.  In theory, out to the CMTS, you might lose 1 packet over the course of 1 hour, maybe.  Running the test should provide some indication of any cable issues, despite any indications of adequate signal levels and signal to noise ratios.  Cable breaks that result in packet loss usually don't show up in the signal data.  If the signal conditions are bad enough, then yes, that will show up in the data.  

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been here awhile

Penetanguishene Issues since Feb 4th


Anyone else in the midland/penetanguishene area having issues? It's been spotty since Feb 4th for me. No one at Rogers seems to have any answers. Everyone on my street is having the same issues.

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Hello @lierscom,


Thanks so much for your post and sorry to hear about the spotty internet service you've been experiencing as of late. I'm sure this must be pretty inconvenient for you. 😕


Presently, we are not showing any known outages or issues for your specific neighborhood, but if you would like to send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps, we'd be happy to take a closer look for you!


For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you,


Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been here awhile

CODA-4582U drops connection every minute


Our router has had problems for years but every time we have a tech in to fix it they say nothing is wrong or they cannot figure out the solution. 

Our Hitron CODA-4582U router used to have problems disconnection wireless devices for a few minutes every half hour or so. To fix this issue the last tech we called asked us to do a factory reset on it, which caused the problem to become way worse. 

Now the internet will drop for a few seconds to almost a minute every minute or two on both wifi and ethernet. 


Should we just get a new router? Please help

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

@KMitch04 swapping the modem would be a very quick way to rule out the modem or the cable connection itself.  Do you have one of the very first 4582 modems that was released around Dec 2016?  If so, that modem should have been swapped for an updated version long ago.  The next version had one black sticker on the back of the modem to indicate additional shielding installed over the cable tuner, and two black stickers indicated modified and tested.  


Following that, the next version of the modem was the 4582U 2A I believe.  


So, have a look at the back of the modem to see what model is indicated and look for the presence of a round black sticker near the ethernet ports or power cable point. 


To swap the modem you might have to call tech support to generate a work order.  Some Rogers stores need that work order, some don't.  I have no idea of how one can determine one store from another.  You could call the nearest Rogers store and ask if they have the 4582 modem in stock, and if they need a work order to swap the modem.  That will determine if you need to chat with tech support or not regarding a work order to swap the modem.  


Fwiw, if you're interested, can you post the signal table from the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN tab.  That table starts at the Downstream Overview line and goes all the way down to the bottom of the OFDM/OFDMA section.  Select or highlight that entire table, right click .... Copy, and then paste that into a new post, right click .... Paste.  The pasted in table should look like the table from the modem's page.  Ignore the data that resides above the Downstream Overview line as its specific to the modem and shouldn't be posted in an open forum.  


Edit:  The original modem has the following on the back of the modem:


Model Name:  CODA-4582


That original model doesn't have enough shielding over the cable tuner, and as a result, the cable tuner is subject to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) from the modems wifi transmissions.  If you are running the modem in Bridge modem with a follow on router, then the router should be placed several feet from the modem to prevent any EMI issues with the cable tuner.  If you're running the modem in Gateway mode and using the wifi, then you should swap the modem. 


Thats not to say the you don't have cable issues, the signal levels should show that.  The EMI issue is a definite problem that requires a modem swap. 

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been here awhile

Hello @Datalink


Yes I do believe we got our router back in 2016 ish, and no there is no black sticker on the back.

On the back of the modem it says its a Hitron 


IC: 10778A-CODA4582

Model name CODA-4582U


If we call Rogers can we just tell them that we have an old model device and upgrade to a newer one/try out a different one to see if its the specific device that is malfunctioning?


Thanks for your help

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Looks like you have a model that sits between the original 4582 and the current 4582U 2A.  I'd go ahead and ask to swap the modem.  We can still look at the modem's signal levels as that won't change despite the modem swap.  


Have a look at my edit above.  I don't remember if the 4582U had additional shielding installed over the cable tuner or not.  


Edit:  can you have a look at the Software (firmware) version indicated on the STATUS page.  That page is displayed automatically when you log into the modem.  Please let me know which version you have.  It should be either or is a new version with a new kernel to support OFDM upstream operations.

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been here awhile

yes it's running as its software version


Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

@KMitch04 ok, thats the latest production version firmware for that modem. is somewhere between testing and release I suspect, don't know when Rogers will release it to all of the 4582's on the network.  


Call the nearest Rogers store to see if they have 4582's in stock and if they require a work order to swap the modem.  If a work order isn't required, simply go ahead and swap the modem.  If they require a work order, ok, call tech support and ask the Customer Service Rep to generate a work order, then swap the modem. 


When you pick up the modem, check the modem model before the customer rep proceeds with the swap process.  You should be able to pick up a 4582U 2A version.  I believe that's the latest hardware version.  


There is a good chance that the newer modem will arrive with an out of date firmware version installed.  Take a look to see what is loaded and then reboot the modem once or twice to see if it will update on its own.  If the loaded version is fairly recent, it will run a firmware check on reboot and install the newest version.  Just depends on what's loaded.  Just let the modem chug along doing the update.  That will take about three to four minutes.  When all is said and done, start setting up the modem just so that you can see whats loaded.  Then reboot the modem.  When that reboot is done, finish the setup.  


If the modem isn't performing as expected, don't hesitate to run a factory reset.  I've always found that a modem reboot, or possibly a factory reset was required to see the modem behave as expected, even though a reboot is scheduled into the update cycle.  

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been around

Have ignite 75 and the wireless signal drops in and out


Hi Wireless signal drops in and out to laptop and tv upstairs , modem is in office at bottom of stairs and house is a back split . Recently upgraded to unlimited so Do I need a new modem ? Can i get a booster??

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been here awhile
I’ve been having the same problem, any time I start up my HP laptop while watching tv. Guaranteed the signal drops for 2-3 minutes. Tried tech support, they couldn’t find anything wrong so they told me to do a malware scan on my laptop. That didn’t help.
I have NO idea why, but if I start up the laptop first and THEN turn on the tv, the signal doesn’t drop. Weird, huh?

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Hello, @mrm1000 & @rdbassman


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums to you both!


I can understand how frustrating it is to deal with an intermittent Wi-Fi connection. With so many of our devices relying on Wi-Fi to connect its important to have a consistent and fast signal in your home. 


Please check out our support document on how to: Optimize your Wi-Fi Networks.


If you are interested in a mesh Wi-Fi system we can offer you our Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi service. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can gather your info and get started.


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Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been here awhile

I'm having serious issues in Oshawa. I haven't had more than 10 minutes of steady internet for going on 5 days now.  I've talked to Rogers and they tell n]me there are no problems in m,y area. They sent a tech out who checked the line ourtside the house and he states it is the line inside that needs to be replaced! Becasue of COVID19 Techs are not entering homes so they want me togo without until such a time as they resume work. I can't wait that long! My Cable TV works fine! Why not my internet? 


I replaced the line myself. Still the same thing happeninmg!!! 2 minutes of internet followed by hours without just isn't cutting it!!! My daughter needs it for school and the rest of us need it for our sanity especially at this time!!!

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

Hey @Webb21,


Welcome to the Rogers Community! Thank for posting about your situation.I know how trying it can be to experience less than optimal Internet speeds, especially during this difficult time.Although it's reassuring to know you have had a chat with our Technical Support team already, we'd need more information from you.


Could you tell us more about the "serious issues" you're encountering? In order for the Community to help you out further, it could also be helpful if you could tell us about the troubleshooting steps you've gone through so far.


Thanks so much!



Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I've been here awhile
Did you not read the message I left? All my serious issues are laid out in the message!!!!

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

I plan to stick around

Did anyone end up finding a solution to this?  I've been having this exact same problem for the past couple of weeks.  Rogers has tried everything it can think of, including upgrading my service and swapping my modem, but nothing changes.  The connection drops for a few seconds and then reestablishes itself, but in the meantime my VPN is down, my remote connection had disconnected, etc. It's unbelievably frustrating.

Re: Internet Keeps Dropping

@dlee1919 What modem do you have, a black Hitron CGN3xxx where the modem model is seen on the product sticker at the back of the modem, or, the white CODA-4582 modem?  There is only one white modem in use with Rogers.  IF you have a black Hitron modem, can you specify which modem it is, as indicated on the product sticker. 


If you have the new Ignite TV system, then you would be using an XB6 where the specific modem model is seen on the bottom of the modem.  It will either be an Arris TG-3482ER or a Technicolor CGM-4140COM. 


I'd like to see the signal data for the modem, but the instructions to access and copy the data are specific to the modem model, any Hitron modem versus either XB6 modem.