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Calls being blocked

I've been around

Hi there,


Recently my Rogers cell phone has started blocking calls from a specific number.  I get no notification of a call, it goes straight to voicemail, and I only get a pop-up if the caller leaves a message.  If I go into call history (Recents) it shows a call from the number with "blocked by phone".  I have ensured the number is not on my blocked list.  When the same number calls my land line rather than my cell it rings and displays the number with "Likely Spam".


I assume this is related to the new "Spam Call Detect".  Is there any way to "whitelist" a number so my cell doesn't keep blocking calls from that specific number?




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Re: Calls being blocked

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Resident Expert

@Mattkerbel wrote:

  Is there any way to "whitelist" a number so my cell doesn't keep blocking calls from that specific number?

Based on the FAQ, link below, the answer is no.

Re: Calls being blocked


Hello, @Mattkerbel


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Thank you for posting your concern. The Spam Call Detect feature does not block any of your calls, it will flag calls that are most likely spam using the call display/name display.


It sounds like there is an app or something on your device that is blocking the calls from this specific number. I would recommend double checking that this number is not on a block list on your device.



Re: Calls being blocked

I've been around

Our company phone number is being picked up a Likely Spam by Rogers, but not Bell, Virgin, Videotron and Telus. This is causing us a ton of problems with customers picking up our calls, and hence, the company has to make calls via their personal cel phones. Any suggestions on how we can get Rogers to stop labelling us as Likely Spam?

Re: Calls being blocked

Hi @Kennyd4,


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This is a strange one, typically our Spam Call Detect is a tool that monitors incoming calls in real time and notifies our customers of any suspected spam or fraud.


We can definitely look into a bit more. We'll update you here when we have more info.


Stay tuned!






Re: Calls being blocked

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If enough people report it as spam. It will start being flagged. Could this be potentially what happened? Does your company have some sort of automated calling or marketing that might have annoyed some people?

Re: Calls being blocked

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The other likely scenario is a spammer spoofed your business number to make outgoing spam calls look like its coming from your business, people receive the spam calls and report the number, your legit number gets flagged as likely spam,   this is why the reporting/blocking feature may not work properly when spammers start spoofing numbers, you will report an innocent person or business

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