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New to the S22 Family


Hey Community!

I recently upgraded my smartphone after almost 4 years of using a Samsung Note 9. I decided on going with the Samsung Galaxy S22 with the Galaxy Buds2.

Thus far I am quite pleased with the device, but I do miss the rear fingerprint scanner, the S Pen, and most of all, the 3.5 mm aux port. Are any of you using an adaptor to utilize 3.5 mm aux headphones or should I get used to the Galaxy Buds2?

To anyone in the Community using a Galaxy S22 device or the Galaxy Buds2:

  • What should I know and what do you like the best, in terms of apps and features?  
  • Also, do you have any suggestions on how I can make the most of the camera on the S22 series?
  • What tips and tricks have you found that I should start using right away, with my new device?

I could really use your help in making sure I'm up to date.

I look forward to your suggestions! 😊




Re: New to the S22 Family

I've been around

Hi RogersTony,


I know this is a late reply but hope it will be of some help even now.

Well, I have used the S22 (std version) since Feb-Mar 2022. The biggest problem I have is the horribly unreliable on-screen fingerprint sensor. After trying the last possible chance of a screen protector using liquid glue, set by UV device and miserably failing to even get it on properly without bubbles, I went back to an LK glass protector. I tried around 4-5 different brands and the fingerprint sensor is basically an insult to customers/end-users. I used to have the Galaxy S8 and the rear sensor worked OK, though not great; but at least I didn't have a screen-protector to contend with like on the S22! Registering your same fingerprint (e.g. thumbs) TWICE each may help get a faster response if you have my problems.  In other words, ALL mobile manufacturers should NOT and if doing it, should STOP using on-screen ultra-sonic fingerprint readers and either 1. put them on the back, or 2. make on-screen sensors work 99% with any decent glass (i.e. shatter and impact-resistant) screen protector.  It's as if Samsung knows that we will break our screens without a screen-protector, since almost none work with their excuse for a fingerprint sensor, and then we can magically buy a new phone! (money does grow on trees after all right?!)


The camera has mind-boggling quality on the S22! Try using the "portrait" mode which makes a great background blur, the blurriness level is something which you can adjust.  



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