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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: AAE: OS Updates - ENDED

Alright Community!

The time has come, RogersAlton of the Device Management team is here for the next 2 days to answer all your questions about Rogers device OS updates, MRs, EMR and bug fixes.


RogersAlton will be answering your questions on a first come - first serve basis. Please allow him time to find the best answer for you. Your patience is appreciated if he gets a little bogged down. I promise, we will answer all questions and no one will be left out.



Remember, you must be a registered user to post a question. Not registered? Click here to sign up.





Here are some guidelines to keep the event running smoothly.  As always, our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use apply.


  1. If you have a question and are ready to Post, just simply click the big red NEW MESSAGE button at the top of the Android, Apple or BlackBerry & Other Devices boards. Include the title AAE: OS Updates (title of your question) so we can properly track what Post we need to answer. We will reply to everything Ask an Expert related once we have an answer Smiley Wink

AAE_Posting_How To.png


  1. This is a live event; RogersAlton is available to answer questions throughout the event but, please allow time for a response. His giving us 2 whole days, but has other responsibilities (like new OS updates) to work on Smiley Tongue


  1. RogersAlton will not be able to comment on products or services that haven't been announced.




Community Manager
Community Manager
Posts: 3,370

Re: AAE: OS Updates - ENDED

FINAL DAY Community!


This week's OS Upgrade Schedule has been updated! Take a peak and ask @RogersAlton any questions you may have before he's gone today at 6PM.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Posts: 3,370

Re: AAE: OS Updates - ENDED

We had a quiet few days, but thank you to @RogersAlton and the Device Management Team who took the time to be with us.


The time has come to say good night and we hope to see you all next Ask and Expert.


Got an idea for our next Ask an Expert? Is there a topic you want a deep dive into?  Let us know in the Community Questions & Suggestions board, and we'll do everything we can to make it happen.  We want to provide you with the best content experience we can, so please let us know what you would like to see 🙂



Thank you,



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