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Likewize are extremely unprofessional and rude. They could  not care less about the customers. We pay all this money for insurance and they give a hard time about everything.  Tell me my claim is not approved because I already filed one with rogers d...

Plan pricing

I have been back and forth with Roger’s, I have a plan that is extremely expensive all though they do offer cheaper plans you are not allowed to downgrade!?! I have been with Roger’s for 20+ years and get told that while I am valued it’s only for new...

Very Happy customer

Koodos to Rogers ,a very happy new customer, from the sales agent Jimmy Baroi ,who was very genuine and attentive, in helping me get Rogers Rural Internet. Thank You Jimmy:) and I wish I got our installers name: He was very professional, patient and ...

roxjarvo by I've been around
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Technician Unable to Connect Fiber

A technician came to our home to connect fine internet. After 2 hours he was unable to complete the connection and left us with absolutely no services. We have to wait almost 48 hours to hopefully resolve the situation.       ***Edited Labels***

Suevisco by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies

Wrong Internet Promo Offer

A wrong internet promotional offer was provided by a Rogers representative, but the Rogers management still not be able to resolve this issue. I am waiting for it, and will come back with updates soon.    *Added Labels*

RAJ29 by I've been around
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New Install Advice

Looking for advice on how to set up a new Ignite system with 2 TVs, internet and phone. Currently have a Home Phone box near the electrical panel in the basement connected to the phone lines in the house using several land line phones plugged into ja...

Sailorman by I plan to stick around
  • 8 replies

Fraud department has not contacted me in months

Like the title says, I was told that I would be getting a call from the fraud department in regards to a case I had opened and I have yet to receive a singular call from them. I have made multiple requests for them to call me and the customer service...

Service and phone upgrade

I’ve been a customer for over 25 years and have recently been very disappointed with the service given by the reps. My bundles service was upgraded and have lost reception around the house, the response I got was to go buy an extender.Called to get p...

Resolved! CANADA / US PLAN

We have a Canada / US Plan. Wondering if while we are in the US, would people in Canada, calling our Alberta number (780) xxx-xxxx be charged long distance?       ***Added Labels***

JulieMac by I've been around
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Account sent to Collections for Unreturned Modem

I cancelled my cable in March with Rogers. Went into a Rogers store at Royal York/Bloor to return the modem and was advised they don't accept equipment there. We were given a box and told to contact customer service. We contacted customer service and...

Resolved! moving residence

I'm contemplating a two year contract offer, but wonder what happens to my services if I move. Am I still responsible for paying the early cancellation fee if I no longer abide at the residence? TIA for any info!     ***Edited Labels***

Fleabag by I've been around
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Billing Error

I purchased a device and change over to Roger on March 31th under a Roger Preferred program. They committed me a total bill of 79.8 plus taxes. Now I get my first bill of$260. Like more than three times.They wasted my three hours, while I was having ...

Changing my provider after this

They billed me 500$ for 11.5gb of data that I used after my data ran out. But after my 5gb was done I immediately bought a new plan so that I wouldn't be charged for more. But no I ended up being charged for 500$ and another 260$ because apparently I...

Carl061 by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

How to return equipment after cancellation

Was on hold last nite for 90 minutes got through cancelled all devices gave me postal info to send back equipment s then was told something not working and would call me back today at noon. No call yet wth   *** Edited Labels ***

magbail by I've been here awhile
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I ordered an iPad 10 by Mistake . I wanted an iPad Air. It's not going to be delivered until the 3rd. Do I have to wait until it comes to order the iPad Air?

My number got changed due to website lagging

Hi yesterday night my phone number got changed due to rogers website lagging issue . I tried calling rogers CSR multiple times but no help they said I have to call business line as I have small business account and business Csr are closed . Is there ...

Souravsaab6 by I've been here awhile
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Unjust Charges for Unsent Canada to US Messages

I noticed that I had been billed $7.65 for sending 17 Canada to US messages and an additional $1.80 for supposedly sending 4 more messages of the same nature on another line. However, I can categorically state that I did not send these messages. This...

Hellos19 by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies