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Billing Issue

I've been around

I never had such a hard time to resolve simple issue.

I have signed for the home internet online back in April and in the chat confirmed that no installation or any additional fees will be charged. 

After a week I have received a bill where additional $45.33+tax was applied to my bill and when I called I've been told it is an installation fee and modem(router) rent  was added to my contract- that SHOULD NOT APPLY TO ME, I have a copy of the chat that confirms it.

I had to contact Rogers May 5 and 7 to adjust this, but I was told they can't do that because the agent that assign the contract and service didn't put any note to waive setup fee.  After this I decided to cancel the home internet and called Rogers May 13, also I got a verbal confirmation that because first contact with issue was made during the first 30day period the cancelation will be applied with full refund (first bill was $136.33 with Tax) and once all done I will be contacted for router return (drop-off or label to ship). 

By May 24th  it still was not canceled and I called again, another ticket was opened, and in May 31st in my bill was applied -$12,02 adjustment which is not what I was expected.

In June 5th I got an email with confirmation that the last case opened in May 24 was proceed. I was still waiting for email to what to do with Modem(Router), but didn't get one, but received new bill in July 4th with $265.31 - Modem unreturned equipment!

I am totally disappointed with the service and with the cancelation process that should be easy and caused so many issues!

I am expected to get a full refund for the service which is $136.33 for the first bill and adjust my bill -$264.31 for the modem(router)unreturned before it will be redeemed from my account and send me a label to return a modem


Re: Billing Issue

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Its noted on record that many many Rogers Call Centre or E-Chat agents also make a lot of mistakes or promises of credits that don't follow thru.  You may like the Rogers company, but you must also be aware they are not perfect by all means, Let's hope a manager can resolve your issue.

Re: Billing Issue


Good afternoon @Ryven,


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I appreciate the details you've added in your post. It is disappointing to learn about your ongoing billing issues. While we're unable to cancel services for you through this platform, we are happy to review the charges to make sure all applicable adjustments have been applied.


If you'd like us to do so, please click here to send us a PM @CommunityHelps






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