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Cancellation Fees

I've been here awhile

I have changed over to Rogers about 4 months ago. Every month my internet gets screwed up. Rogers tech supprot has to reset the DNS settings and it goes back to working again. Now they say that this is a unique situation and it happens to a few people. I cannot get work done as some web sites will not work. Even the rogers will not work. resetting the modem or factory resetting does not work as well. I have countless calls into Rogers and they cannot seem to fix it. I said I wanted to cancel my services as it is not working properly and they have not fulfilled the services they promised. They are saying I must pay $20 for the next 22 months to get out of the contract. What gives Rogers even when your service is not working I cannot cancel. This blows.




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Re: Cancellation Fees


Good day @glonsdale,


Thank you for posting about your situation to the Community and bringing this up to our attention! 


I know how important it is to stay connected and can imagine the inconveniences caused by the disconnections you're experiencing.


Following your interactions with our technical support team, did they offer to have a technician sent out to further troubleshoot the problem?


In order for the cancellation fees to be waived, a few things need to be ruled out. If you would like us to take a deeper look into this, we'd like to help!


Please send us a message to @CommunityHelps, as we'll need to discuss privately to have a look at your account.


To know how our private messaging works, click here. We'll be happy to further assist you. Thanks!



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