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Customer Retention - Ignite Legacy vs Ignite

I plan to stick around

Trying to type this up in a calm fashion as I don't want to appear overly angry or disappointed with Rogers, as I usually am. Outside of the many issues I've had over the years, recent interactions with Rogers has not been uniform.

Just spent last few days with Rogers reps trying to renew my home internet plan for the year, as I normally do every year. Surprising to find out that the first rep I spoke to, advises me that I'm on a legacy plan that cannot be renewed and only upgraded. Weird, first time hearing about it but fine.. after some back and forth, I was advised that my price point would increase by +16% ($42.99 to $49.99 - I was able to get this price initially as a resolution for the issues that are still current as of today). Already annoyed by the sudden increase and before making any decision, I let the rep know that I had to speak to my partner about the increase before accepting anything. In hindsight, I should have accepted right then... because.... today, I speak to another rep who tells me that they can only offer me a $59.99 price point (with all promos in) for 24 months and only if I "opt-in" to a 2-year contract with early cancellation penalties, would I be discounted down to the $49.99 price point given by the previous rep. What?? Not only was this not mentioned by the first rep, but it was only when I was ready to accept. Funny how I go from wanting to just renew, to a forced upgrade at an increase from 42.99 to 59.99 unless I sign a 2-year contract lol. Rep even made it a point to tell me that there would be penalties on early cancellation. Nice customer service right there.

As a long-time Rogers customer who basically earned that price point after spending so much time with your support reps, just to have it jump on a planned renewal. It just leaves a bad taste in anyone's mouth, why would I want to put up with it? Also, the explanation as far as legacy Ignite vs new Ignite needs to be updated because why would you purposely confuse the customer and force changes, just to have us pay the difference in those changes made on your side, without actually benefiting the customer. And yeah, I already get that "legacy" brands are being discontinued but not the service eh? I know for a fact that Rogers will gladly take $119 + taxes for that same legacy IGNITE service had I decided not to change anything and just pay it.


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Re: Customer Retention - Ignite Legacy vs Ignite


Good day @kstah,


Thank you for posting the details of your situation to the Rogers Community. We thank you for your loyalty and are sorry to hear your latest experience with our representatives was not ideal.


We appreciate you took the time to bring this up to our attention. While we do encourage our legacy customers to migrate to the Ignite platform for optimized services, I can understand you are interested in getting a bundle pricing that is similar to what you were previously paying.


To look into this further, we'd need access to your account. Feel free to send us a private message at @CommunityHelps when you have a chance. To see how to send us a PM, please have a look at this blog







Re: Customer Retention - Ignite Legacy vs Ignite

I feel for this customer. We have been rogers tv customers since cable was introduced. Yet for the past year we have put up with the daily issue of pixelation and no cable signal at all. Any attempts to get tech support has been met with a hard sales pitch for ignite tv. I have learned that techs will NOT be sent out for legacy related problems. I have learned supervisors/managers will NOT take calls from legacy customers. However, Rogers will take our money, but will NOT take responsibility for the service it provides. And letting their front line support take the heat for a turning-their-backs-on-customers policy isn’t professional at all. One final point - I bet the majority of the legacy customers are of a certain age. That’s the reason we haven't changed yet. My parents are not comfortable with the channel set-up. But this isn't a business sector that puts weight on their demographic. It’s a shame.

Re: Customer Retention - Ignite Legacy vs Ignite

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Netflix just killed off its legacy DVDs/Blu-ray By Mail service on Friday (after 25 years of service).

In 2021, the Netflix revenue from the DVD service amounted to only about 0.6 % (about $182 million) of Netflix 2021 revenue. So if over 99% of the revenue came from streaming, it wasn't worth replacing many of the damaged/lost discs. As the supply dwindled, and the shipping times were longer, it was inevitable that streaming would be the lone Netflix survivor.

Not sure what the Rogers Legacy services bring in revenue each year, but the cost and extra effort to keep two different platforms running is about to come to an end.

The digital legacy Weather info feature (press D button) has been out of service in my area for about a month or so. The Weather Channel is still available, so at least I can see more detailed info there.

Still waiting for one of my upcoming bills to mention a death date for my legacy tv service.

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