WAN dropping for 1 minute each day

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I Plan to Stick Around
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WAN dropping for 1 minute each day

Long ago I had intermittent connection issues with Rogers. My old thread is here:




Since then I moved, and for almost 2 years I've had no issues. Last week, with no changes on my end, I've begun to get intermittent disconnects of the WAN (LAN stays up) through the day. It's usually 1-2 times, and almost always it's after I wake up and begin to use the internet. Sometimes it's also when heavy streaming is taking place (i.e. YouTube on 1 device, and Netflix on another).


When the internet is mostly idle (i.e. overnight) it's fine. But as soon as I wake up and start to put a load on it, the WAN goes down for 1 minute or so. Here's the DOCSIS log (from this morning's disconnect):


It's a Hitron CGN3ACR modem:

Hardware Version 1A
Software Version


Any advice would be great. Thanks.



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Re: WAN dropping for 1 minute each day

Hey @automaton!


I'm glad to hear you had such a solid run without issues! Though this intermittent WAN disconnection might seem troublesome it can be relatively simple to isolate :).

Are you able to provide the following information for us so that we can assist further?


Screenshot of your signal levels, found by logging into your modem.

A screenshot of your WAN and LAN uptime after disconnect. This can be found on the Status page of your modems GUI.

Lastly, can you confirm the error message if applicable, when you mouse over your PC's network icon during disconnect? Ex: "Connected - No Internet"

Thanks so much! Looking forward to getting to the bottom of this with you.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: WAN dropping for 1 minute each day

@RogersAndy Yes it just happened again now.

I actually included the stream information in the original post, not sure why it's not there now.

Here's the requested screenshots taken with my phone logged into the modem, some info I blanked out just in case:


***Removed images to keep things private***

I put it in an album. Thanks for the help.

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Re: WAN dropping for 1 minute each day

Thanks for the updated information, @automaton. If possible, can you delete the image with the logs?


Your signal levels look great. Where things seem to go haywire when you put any type of load on your connection, have you tried factory resetting your Gateway?


Beyond that, If all the connections are secure and you haven't added anything since this started; we'll need to take a deeper look into your signal and your overall area. Please give us a PM @CommunityHelps. If you're not sure how to PM us, you can find out more by clicking, Here.





I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: WAN dropping for 1 minute each day

@RogersTim yes, I deleted all the images. Thank you.


If the signal levels in the area are fine, then I guess the question is more about why it fails to get a broadcast answer (as per the log).


It could be a modem issue. Can I just swap out the modem to try a new one? Mine is a bit old, although I like this specific model.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: WAN dropping for 1 minute each day


@automaton if you're going to swap the modem, call the nearest Rogers store before you go there and ask if they have a CGN3ACSMR in stock.  While the various CGN3 modem models are close but not identical, the CGN3ACSMR has usually received any updates before any of the other CGN3 models. 


You might need to call tech support to generate a work order to swap the modem at the local Rogers store.  That has been a recent development but there appears to be no consistency from store to store, as to which requires a work order or ticket, and which don't.


Swapping the modem is one step to determine if this really is a modem issue, or if there's something else going on.  Does your current cable installation use a powered amplifier?  That would be sitting where the cable enters the home, and would have been installed by the Rogers tech. 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: WAN dropping for 1 minute each day

@Datalink what does the amplifier look like? I can check. I don't have Rogers cable so it's just this one cable from outside into the modem.

I actually have a ACR, not ACSMR. Not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: WAN dropping for 1 minute each day

FWIW I noticed that the Rogers box outside the house has 3 wires. 1 in, 1 out, and 1 which appears to be a ground that was hooked up to my hydro box casing, but had come loose at some point (it was hanging on the wall).

I reattached the ground and since then the WAN hasn't dropped once.

No idea if it's just correlation or not. Time will tell.
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